Cynthia Rochette

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Cynthia Rochette
Initiate of the Inner Circle
Contact OwnerArchtmag
Owner's Discord NameArchtmag
Public Contact?Yes
LocationAustin, CAS - Travels abroad though.
MetatypeHuman Vampire
AgeSuperficially 20s.
Preferred Payment MethodNot Money
Hobbies/ViceBlood, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Games
Personal LifeUnknown
FactionOrdo Maximus
AspectsSelect Connections
Magical Knowledge
The Elite of the Elite
Of Vampires
for Vampires
Ageless Academic
Watchers in the Dark
Too Much Money
Petty Power Struggles


To the public, Ordo Maximus is a reclusive society for noble mages. Exclusive in it's choices, it is little more than an order of researchers, lording their heritage over the masses. For many members, that is all it is. The truth is that it hides a vampiric conspiracy. Seeking power through magical might, they seek to empower themselves with research and discovery.

Cynthia is one member of the true organization, inducted through the darker path. Sired as a vampire by another member of the Inner Circle, she's spent years serving him and the organization at large. A talented researcher, she grew in stature and experience, until she herself was earned command of a cell. Located at the primary nexus of business between Aztlan and the CAS, she and her underlings monitor the traffic of illicit magical artifacts, and keep a close ear on happenings in the region. Additionally, she aids and monitors the individual projects of initiates below her.

In current nights, she's not able to research her own callings as much as she'd prefer, but she still knows that the operations and projects she supervises are important to the Greater Cause. She remains in close contact with the organization at large, and her sire, often aiding and communicating with other teams. Still, she hopes perhaps one day that she'll pull a research team of her own. One to support and aid her on the paths she wants to follow. For the moment though, she remains content enough with her status.

It's not uncommon of her to contract runners for special needs, times where deniable operatives are needed. Generally this is done through proxies, but at times, she makes personal contact with the teams. Often it depends on personal regard for the runners in question.

Notes for GMs

  • Cynthia views infected as superior to the uninfected, and in turn the Strain I manifestations superior to the rest of the infected.
  • Cynthia has done cruel and arguably monstrous things as part of her life and work. She does try to be fairly kind to her peers though. She tries not to be a comic book villain.
  • She has difficulty connecting to non-infected. She maintains a cool distance from them, both socially and emotionally. In contrast, while still cautious and at first reserved, she often grows much closer with those of a similar nature to her.
  • She is a passionate arcane researcher. It is a intertwined cause, seeking to satisfy her curiosity and to seek power. While at the moment pulled away from dedicated research, she studies cybermancy, both in the traditional fashion and more experimental 'cyberless' forms. She's also interested in planar mysteries, the nature of magic and infected, and assorted topics. She still dips into research when she can.
  • Cynthia leads a Ordo Maximus cell in Austin, along with its assorted assets. She still travels often, and connects with others outside of the area. While she manages interest in her local zone of control, she's still very much part of a global organization, and she holds no personal loyalty or belonging to the area itself. Aside from the parts she has power or responsibility over.
  • Beyond listed her listed duties, she gets quite a bit of enjoyment from being a vampire. She loves drinking blood, hunting, and her state of being in general. She also likes playing games, both tabletop rpgs and video games from a variety of eras. As a nerd, she also enjoys reading for fun.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Select Connections Only characters infected with HMHVV Strain I can raise Cynthia's loyalty past 2. Increasing loyalty on Cynthia costs twice as much.
Ageless Academic The members of Ordo Maximus are scholarly. By uncovering the mysteries of the world, they find power. In less charitable terms, they're nerds. +2 to tests involving Academic Knowledge, Research, Scientists, and Technical Topics.
Magical Knowledge Cynthia has studied the magical arts for decades. +2 to tests involving magic, it's effect on society, magical objects, or towards magical beings.
The Elite of the Elite Ordo Maximus, or at least the front facing organization, is one of the most exclusive and discerning magical organizations in the world, and its public ranks reflect that. While near all of these 'members' are little more than unwitting providers of material resources, Cynthia has still built connections over the years. +2 to tests involving the wealthy, noble, or powerful.
Too Much Money The Inner Circle has effectively unlimited funds. Drawing from the wealth of fools with more money than sense, the font never runs dry. +2 to tests involving money, financial systems, accounting, and those with capital.
Of Vampires, for Vampires As part of Ordo Maximus's true organization, she works for the advancement of herself and other members, but ultimately vampires in general. She keeps close eyes on her community. +2 to tests involving Strain I infected. If Cynthia's loyalty is greater than 2, she will reach out further, and this aspect will apply to all infected.
Watchers in the Dark Ordo Maximus isn't the only organization striving to uncover, understand, and control. +2 to tests involving magical groups, secret societies, hidden factions, and confidential research. She will not report on Ordo Maximus activities.
Petty Power Struggles While Ordo Maximus is surprisingly harmonious for a secret magical conspiracy run by vampires, it still has spats and factions from time to time. It can be complicated and frustrating to deal with. Cynthia is willing to give advice if needed. +2 to tests involving politics, intrigue, social conflict, and factionalism.
Cybermancy As part of her research and history, Cynthia has been deeply involved in the study and practice of cybermancy. +2 to tests involving cybermancy, cyberzombies, and their backers.
Necromancy In tandem with her study of cybermancy, she studies life, death, and the soul. She is skilled in necromantics techniques both standard and... experimental. +2 to tests involving necromancy in any of its forms, necro magic, necromantic practitioners, and towards questions of the soul.


Knowledge Checks 15 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 7 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 11 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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