Ordoing One Ordo

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Ordoing One Ordo
LocationAustin, CAS
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Draco Foundation
Ordo Maximus
Aztechnology Tamanous
Rabbit Blood Panthers
Combat Riggers
Assorted Tamanous Goons
Casualties and losses
Blood Panthers Assorted Tamanous Goons


Rabbit is called by Sybaris to capture a dangerous member of Ordo Maximus. She travels across the continent to chase down a lead. In the process of hunting her Nosferatu, she makes a strange alliance of convenience with an old enemy. Setting aside possible feuds for the moment, Rabbit fights off agents of Tamanous and Aztechnology to steal away her target, returning him for a quality payday.


A nosferatu in the service of Ordo Maximus by the name of Kale had a long history of popping up in unpleasant situations and discoveries. A potent blood mage focused on researching the planes, and learning new ways to breach and connect them, he drew the attention of the Draco Foundation. Mages sending powerful beacons of mana into the aether is something they generally want to regulate. Still, the nosferatu was revealed to be cunning, avoiding capture, their skill and cowardness letting them slink out of dangerous situations. When a sighting of him appeared in Austin, Sybaris decided to send her new agent on the case. Hoping a banshee could blend in the circles Kale traveled through, potentially this would be the time they captured him.

The Meet

The Plan

The Run



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