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Voodoo Twin Happy!.jpg
Owner of "The Monster's Den"
Contact OwnerKarnTheGolemKing
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSeattle, Downtown
Preferred Payment MethodCredits/Info
Hobbies/VicePhysical Books
Personal LifeUnknown
AspectsConjuring Sensei
Book Club
Smuggling Connections
Computer Illiterate
Architecture Enthusiast
Voodou Mage


Fresh to Seattle after escaping some nasty business in New Orleans, Charybdis is the new owner of the bookstore "The Monster's Den" in downtown Seattle and has settled into the runner scene as a fixer while her sister finishes sorting out their issues back home. She is always cheerful and willing to give aid to the runners under her whether it is through information or contacts. Just a word to the wise, there is a reason she is named after a deadly monster, stay off her bad side.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Computer Illiterate Technology makes no drekking sense, (has been seen using pen and paper) always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +2 than normal.
Conjuring Sensei Anyone can harness the spirits if they are willing to learn, and to pay.
Voodou Mage Picked up by a Krewe in New Orleans at an early age, Voodoo is all she's known. (+2 to Voodoo related rolls)
Book Club If it's in a book, she's probably read about it and can at least point you in the right direction. (+2 for trying to find older documents/records)
Bestiary Whether it's spirits or wild beasts, much her of knowledge surrounds that which goes bump in the night. (+2 for rolls involving critters/spirits)
Smuggling Connections Even after leaving New Orleans, she has kept her hand in the rich smuggling business as a third party negotiator. (+2 for finding smugglers)
Architecture Enthusiast Loves learning how buildings are designed, which leads to a tendency of having floor plans of a few places in Seattle. (+2 for trying to find building plans)


Knowledge Checks 8 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 4 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 2 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 12 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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