Dr. Andrei Cula

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Dr. Andrei Cula
Shamanic Street Doc
Definitely not a vampire
Contact OwnerAstro-Possum
Owner's Discord NameSwearwolf#3924
Public Contact?Yes
LocationOrk Underground
Preferred Payment MethodServices
Personal LifeA Complete Mystery
AspectsManners Maketh Man
Creature of the Night
Blood is Thicker
Permission to Enter
Friends in Low Places
The Body Reborn
(Super)natural Charisma
Foreign Soil


Dr. Andrei Cula is an apparently middle-aged human shaman and immigrant to the Seattle area who works as a street doc, operating a clinic out of the ork underground, where his willingness to treat anyone who comes to his door with the highest quality care possible and for little more than a favor owed has made him a welcome if aloof member of his community. Always immaculately dressed and exceptionally groomed, the high class veneer does not represent his attitudes towards the people around him. Dr. Cula is courteous to a fault, and treats everyone who seeks his services with the utmost care, regardless of metatype, socioeconomic, or infected status. Dr. Cula's personal life is something of a mystery, as he apparently prefers to keep his home and work lives separate. What is clear is that he abhors discourtesy and will not suffer uncouth behavior in or near his clinic, and takes his Hippocratic oath incredibly seriously. No harm will befall you while a beneficiary of the good doctor's hospitality.

DM Notes

  • Dr. Cula is a gentleman of class and distinction who speaks with an exaggerated Romanian accent. Basically just go full Bela Lugosi on it.
  • The good doctor is ALWAYS masking. In fact, he masks so exceptionally well that it is impossible to determine whether he is actually infected or not, no matter how well the player assenses him. Feel free to have fun with what he is currently masking as, and/or be as evasive or vague as possible.
  • The doctor has little need for money; he prefers to deal in favors or supplies.
  • The more vampire puns, the better.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Manners Maketh Man Dr. Cula is a gentleman, first and foremost, and will not tolerate breaches of common courtesy or hospitality in his presence. When attempting to contact the good doctor, make an etiquette test. On no hits OR a glitch, Dr. Cula will refuse to work with you until appropriate amends have been made, subject to GM discretion.
Creature of the Night In addition to the odd hours required of a doctor, Dr. Cula suffers from a mysterious skin condition exacerbated by harsh sunlight and may not always be available during the day. When attempting to contact him between the hours of 6am and 6pm, roll 1d6. On a 6, Dr. Cula is available. Otherwise, he is asleep, and cannot be reached until after sundown.
Blood is Thicker The good doctor is a professional; he knows exactly who and where to turn to to source all the supplies he needs. +2 on checks to acquire medical supplies, especially bio-material such as blood-bags or plasma.
Permission to Enter Dr. Cula will never turn away a person in need, and lives to serve the underrepresented populations of Seattle. +2 to Knowledge checks involving trogs, metasapients, and infected.
(Super)natural Charisma Dr. Cula knows people all over Seattle, and possesses a natural charisma and force of presence that seems to make people want to do favors for him. +2 to Networking checks to acquire services or favors.
Foreign Soil Establishing a new life after immigration is never easy, and Dr. Cula knows this all too well. +2 to Networking checks with non-Seattle natives.
The Body Reborn Dr. Cula is eerily efficient in sourcing bodily enhancements that are biological in nature. +2 on checks to acquire restricted/forbidden bioware.
Friends in Low Places Dr. Cula is both a doctor and a shaman, guided in his magical practices by his bat mentor. He's perfectly willing to put his skills to use for the cost of reagents and a favor owed. +2 to Active summoning checks for Spirits of Man and Spirits of Beasts.


Knowledge Checks 7 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 11 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 1 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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