Amadou Zheng

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Amadou Zheng
MCT's Magical Middle Manager
You can't be corrupt if you never had integrity in the first place
Contact OwnerDiscowhor
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSeattle, Bellevue
AgeMiddle Aged
Preferred Payment MethodBribes
Hobbies/ViceToo many to list
Personal LifeThrice divorced
FactionMitsuhama Computer Technologies
AspectsAll for the Bottom Line
The Boss is the Boss
Corpo Connections
Wannabe Crime Lord
Fell Through the Cracks
Can't Spell "Smuggler" Without "Smug"
Lawyer Up
Livin' the Dream
Eyes on the Prize
Not on the Bodies
Not so Big Anymore


A Mitsuhama manager and inveterate paper pusher, Amadou Zheng oversees the security for one of the company's largest Seattle distribution centers. A born and bred corpokid who never quite reached his full potential, he supplements his already substantial income by being ludicrously corrupt. He's got contacts in a number of Seattle's syndicates, allowing all sorts of illicit goods to flow through his warehouse so long as he's given his cut.


A lifetime in a the corporation has drained out any empathy that Zheng once had. He sees people as a means to an end, and is willing to screw them over the moment that it becomes profitable for him. His backroom dealings are one of the few sources of excitement in his otherwise mind-numbing job; he's begun to fancy himself a crime lord of sorts, despite being little more than a glorified middle man. Personality-wise, he's a control freak and alpha junkie. Everything must be done to his exact specifications, and those who fail to do so are to be screamed at until they start.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
All for the Bottom Line The people who work for Zheng say that he'd feed his grandmother to a dragon for a new Concordant. While this is a bit of an exaggeration (Zheng quite likes his grandmother, and wouldn't sell her out for anything less than a Gladius), it definitely gets the point across. Zheng is out for himself, and will not hesitate to sell you out if he believes it will benefit him. He can be worked with, but he should never be trusted.
The Boss is the Boss Zheng doesn't quite get the idea that shadowrunners are freelancers. When you are taking a job from him you are his employee, and can expect to be treated as such. Anything that you can do he can do better, and he'll always be willing to give you helpful advice (orders) that he expects to be followed exactly. Every time you bruise his ego, you must make up for it by sycophantically following his instructions on how to do your job. If he doesn't believe that this was done, lose one loyalty. If loyalty drops to zero in this way, he will consider you a worthless asset and sell you out to the highest bidder.
Corpo Connections Zheng is an MCT employee, and an ambitious one at that. If there's a powerful executive or up and coming hotshot working in Seattle, you can bet Zheng has at least tried to get their number. +2 to networking checks involving MCT employees.
Wannabe Crime Lord Deep down, Zheng thinks that syndicates are cool as hell. He wants to be an underworld power player, and tries to connect with the people who could make that happen. +2 to networking checks involving syndicate members in Seattle.
Fell Through the Cracks Plenty of stuff gets lost in a distribution center as big as Zheng's. For the right price, it could even wind up in your hands. +2 to gear acquisition checks for MCT products.
Can't Spell "Smuggler" Without "Smug" Need to get out of the city after a job gone bad? Zheng can help you out, as long as it isn't easier to sell you out to the cops. +2 to networking checks involving smugglers and safehouse owners.
Lawyer Up Like any good corpo, Zheng has a legion of lawyers ready to make all of his legal troubles disappear. You're probably a bit more... low class than their usual clientele, but if you ask real nice maybe he'll put you through. +2 to networking checks involving attorneys and other legal professionals.
Livin' the Dream No point in making money if you don't spend it. Zheng is a regular in Seattle's luxury nightlife, and will be sure to tell you about the ludicrously exclusive club he went to the other day. +2 to knowledge and networking checks involving the city's high society.
Eyes on the Prize, Not on the Bodies Zheng tossed his moral compass a long time ago; if the relationship proves profitable, he's willing to overlook any number of crippling personality flaws. For each point of loyalty above 1, ignore 1 point of notoriety when making a roll.
Not so Big Anymore For all his dreams of controlling a syndicate, Zheng's actually a bit of a coward. As difficult as his personality is to deal with, those who hold sufficient leverage can wrap him around their finger. Each chip held over this contact gives a +2 to their rolls, rather than the traditional +1. However, the longer you hold these chips the more resentful he becomes. If you ever lose your leverage, he'll be all the more eager to sell you out.


Knowledge Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 9 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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