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Overstressed Wage Mage
Might have a death wish
Discord@disco goblin#9660
Street Cred1
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - A
Attributes - D
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


A Mitsuhama wage mage who sold her soul for a comfortable life in the corp. After years of mind-numbing service, she's finally reached a breaking point, and is going on shadowruns not for the money but for the sheet thrill of risking her life.


  • Find a way to feel alive again
  • Rekindle her connection to her mentor spirit
  • Keep her employer from finding out about her double life.


The first thing Millicent Sawyer learned in college was that magic could be really, really boring. Lightning bolts and gouts of flame were fine for the average wiz ganger, but they weren't what really paid the bills. Magical security, watchers and wards, the monotonous grind of securing company assets; this was where most awakened ended up, and Millicent wasn't any different. She was no hotshot, no astral cowboy. The only thing she ever learned from the street was that she didn't want to be there ever again. Getting recruited by MCT was the answer to all of her problems. Company housing, company job, company body and company life. All she had to do was her job, and they'd take care of everything else.

Millicent's career was one of small concessions. A filed-down horn, and extra hour of work, a tirade from her boss that she silently bore; every day she seemed to lose another piece of herself, until her even her magic was worn down to a nub. Eventually her body was all she had left to give, turned into a stranger's by the company's troll reduction surgery. All so that she would never go hungry. All so that she would never feel fear. But was that really worse than not feeling anything at all? She found herself dreaming about the OU, just her and her magic, totally free. A part of her longed to live like that again, if only it was just for a day, but the rest of her was far too cowardly to quit. She found her release in shadowruns, nightly adrenaline kicks; she lived a double life between criminal and corp, and for the first time in years found herself looking forward to things. Then she almost got caught.

A brush with the law during the ACHE explosion almost collapsed her house of cards. Milly knew that she had to stop. She went into therapy, got on her meds, and took a long-term assignment in the UK. She'd had her fun, and now it was time for things to return to normal. Except they never would. With each day that passed, she only felt the absence of running more strongly. Drugs, sex, simsense and BTLs, none of it compared to the high of gambling her life. Like a moth to a flame she found her way back to the city where it started. Seattle. Her boss was more than happy to put her back to work, it'd been a profitable venture for them both. Milly shared the sentiment, but for much different reasons. Maybe she'd really go to jail this time, or maybe she'd wind up dead on the street, but if just for a moment she could feel alive, any consequence would be worth it. She'd already tried to run away once, so now she was sticking to the end.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Milquetoast (Astral Chameleon, Blandness): Were it not for the fact that Joule's 8 feet tall, she'd be the most forgettable woman in the world. If the wage slaves had a poster child, this would be it.

Mentor Spirit (Moon): When Joule was a child in the Orcish Underground, the sky represented a better way of life. Now that she lives in a highrise apartment, the voice of her mentor goes fainter every day.

Adrenaline Junkie (Daredevil, SFDA): Nothing excites Joule more than the risk of death. When the chips come down the mask comes off, and she becomes a totally different person.


MCT Property (Corporate Limited SIN, Day Job 40hrs): The company controls every aspect of Joule's life. She works as a magical maintenance technician, maintaining the wards and groups of bound spirits that keep MCT at the top of the game. It's an exhausting and sometimes humiliating job.

Corporate Chew Toy (Designated Omega, Social Stress: Obvious Authority Figures): The nail that sticks up gets hammered in. Obedience to authority is a survival instinct for Joule, one that is very hard to break away from.

Ticking Time Bomb (Elevated Stress, PSC: Thrill Seeker): The life of a wage mage has made Joule a mental pressure cooker. Even if she doesn't acknowledge it, she is pursuing a death wish.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Race To The WarAsmodeusMeatgrinder20 February 2085
Infrastructure TheoremAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking11 October 2082
Tracing the ShotDejapes5 October 2082
Joule's No Good, Very Bad DayAurora1 September 2082
Gland Theft AltoCutierThanThou30 August 2082
Gnawer, I Hardly Knew HerAuroraA Ghoulish Case23 August 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Amadou Zheng 5 1 Fixer MCT's Magical Middle Manager All for the Bottom Line, The Boss is the Boss, Corpo Connections, Wannabe Crime Lord, Fell Through the Cracks, Can't Spell "Smuggler" Without "Smug", Lawyer Up, Livin' the Dream, Eyes on the Prize, Not on the Bodies, Not so Big Anymore Even
Uta Yamamura 3 3 Gear Tailor/Focusmonger Focusmonger, Tailor, Hermetic, NEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRD Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 The SI unit for energy, equivalent to 1/3600th of a watt hour
3 Her face is in the registry, alright, some kind of wage mage working for the corps. Nothing especially notable in her career.
6 She's working for a specific corp: Mistuhama Computer Technologies. She appears to have been SINless before her recruitment, likely in the Barrens or the Orcish Underground. It's an open question whether her work knows about this little side gig.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Might've been around a couple years back? Didn't exactly leave an impression.
3 A full mage of the shamanic tradition, did a couple of jobs before vanishing out of the city. Most people seem to have considered her a tourist.
5 She was rumored to belong to MCT. When she stopped working, most people assumed that she'd been found out and killed. To say it's surprising that she's back in town is quite a bit of an understatement.


Millicent Sawyer (Real, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Lmtd)

Julie Ellison (R4 Fake, UCAS)

  • Mage License


At 2.5 meters and 400kg, Joule is unmistakably a troll. What she lacks, however, are horns and tusks. Cosmetic surgeries have taken even the green out of her skin. She looks just like an oversized human at first, but closer inspection will reveal the small scars.


Business casual is the name of the game. Her typical outfit is a collared shirt and tie, with a yellow rain jacket full of sentimental value. For special occasions she'll put on a midnight blue Zoe suit.

Matrix Persona

Joule's persona is a shining crescent moon, with programs as stars locked in its orbit.

Media Mentions

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