Gnawer, I Hardly Knew Her

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Gnawer, I Hardly Knew Her
Part of A Ghoulish Case
LocationSeattle, Puyallup and Tacoma
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Doctor O+
Black Samurai
Gav Jacinto
Faith Watson



Faith Watson was exposed to HMHVV II years ago and used HMHVV II Inhibitor to stave off infection, provided to her by Doctor O+. However, ten days ago she missed a dose and succumbed to the disease quickly. Meanwhile, meta-racists are once-again attacking Doctor O+'s clinic.

The Meet

Gav Jacinto and Tombstone arrive at 6am instead of 6pm, and end up attempting to sleep at the clinic. Joule ends up working all day at her day job and Black Samurai is the only one NOT a trashfire at the moment.

Doctor O+ tells the runners that it is imperative that his friend receive her medicine on time, as it will stave off the transformation of HMHVV II. He offers 16k nuyen in terms of 'ware for the delivery, and another 20k in terms of 'ware if the runners run into trouble.

The Plan

The Run

As the runners are leaving they hear an explosion outside and the building shakes (causing dust to fall from the ceiling). The runners head outside and face down four people and a water spirit! Black Samurai kills the water spirit instantly and the four metahumans attempt to hurt him in return, but don't manage to do anything substantial to him. During the fight, Black Samurai protects the principle for the person Gav Jacinto is about to chainsaw. Blood goes EVERYWHERE. The four metahumans break and run, believing they may turn into ghouls (as Black Samurai had told them he was a ghoul moments earlier).

Afterwards, the team rides over to Tacoma to deliver the package. Joule astrally projects in order to scout out the area where the package is to be delivered. Joule finds a ward around the building, greater than her magic. She attempts to sleaze through the ward, but fails. She assenses those around the building and sees that they're all just going about their daily lives.

Joule meets back up with the rest of the team and shortly thereafter the team crosses into Tacoma. Gav Jacinto uses her real SIN to get across the border...

At Faith's house, they attempt to get her to open the door to deliver the medicine. Joule eventually manages to get her to open the door... BUT it's in order to eat her! Joule throws out a mana barrier to try to survive and Faith punches it quickly. Black Samurai breaks down the door and Gav Jacinto runs in and smacks her in the jaw! She ALMOST bites Joule, but Black Samurai manages to protect the principle. Tombstone manages to shoot her, but she attempts to bite Black Samurai's arm and ALMOST gets him! She then bites again and gets a huge bite in on Black Samurai, who then immediately strikes back, but for not enough. Gav Jacinto keeps Faith off of Joule, who uses a Force 8 Levitate to lift Faith to the ceiling!


The team takes Faith to Doctor O+'s clinic, and he keeps her locked up in the basement. The team gets paid, though Black Samurai takes the payment and uses it to get his 'ware put in somewhere else.


  • 36k nuyen in 'ware up to 18 availability and betaware grade available or half that in nuyen - 9 RVP
  • 7 karma - 7 RVP
  • 2 CDP


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Wish we could have made it before she turned. Still glad we we're able to get her back in one piece though.

Black Samurai

I appreciate the sentiment, new person, but maybe knocking on the door of something that--let's be real--OBVIOUSLY wanted to eat people wearing nothing but an armored jacket was a poor decision.

Lord. Between Gav's impressive chainsawery and the teeth marks on my cyberarm, my nerve endings have been prickling for days. But, we managed to prevent new infection and bring the young lady in. It's a shame that she turned, but if that ever happens to me, I hope that I get the crew who brings me in alive to help me adapt to my newfound ... situation.

Seriously. teeth marks. Down the arm.


"I'm going to be honest, I may have made a couple of errors in judgment. She was lucid though! The woman obviously needed help and that Gav person wanted to go chainsawing down their door. Sure I should've been more prepared but approaching with violence was only going to make the situation worse. I really must apologize to Black Samurai though, he took the bite that was meant for me and I don't know how I can go about repaying that. I'm just glad we resolved the situation without anyone getting killed. I hope that she gets the treatment she needs."