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The Walking Peoples' Favorite Bartender
Questionably Mortal
Contact OwnerDiscowhor
Public Contact?Yes
LocationThe Berlin Matrix
Preferred Payment MethodInteresting stories
Personal LifeAromantic
FactionThe Walking People
AspectsSit Down
Have a Drink
Exclusive Access
Firsthand Experience
Resonant Diplomat
I Want to Believe
It Takes All Kinds
Don't Give Up the Fight
Who's Who
Master Drink Slinger


Everyone in the Walking People knows F1ZZ, the good natured drink slinger of the tribe's simsense bar 3w1g (pronounced "Ewig" or "Eternal"). His beer mug headed persona's been working the counter for as long as anyone can remember, with some members even claiming that he's been around since before Crash 1.0. His apparent age, as well as his lack of connection to the resonance, raises several questions that the old decker isn't keen on answering. Everyone's got their secrets, you understand. Despite being cagey on personal details F1ZZ loves his small talk, and he's always happy to regale the younger members with stories of the olden days. His seemingly endless knowledge on the matrix makes him a valuable source for information, as long as you're willing to stay awhile.

Notes for the GM

  • The 3w1g is an old school simsense bar styled to look like a pre-Crash 2.0 host. It's accessed through a trail of resonant footprints on the Berlin public grid, and is protected by a password locked door. There are typically at least one or two members of the tribe hanging out inside along with F1ZZ.
  • F1ZZ's persona is a bulky humanoid in a classic bartender's outfit. Their head is replaced by a mug of ice cold beer; the liquid and foam sloshes around as he moves, but it never seems to actually fall on anything.
  • F1ZZ is more than happy to share his information, but always expects some juicy gossip or exciting story in return. He's especially fond of tales involving strange or paranormal encounters.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Sit Down, Have a Drink Everyone's in such a rush these days. F1ZZ is far too old to be running back and forth across matrix; if you want to talk to him, you come to the 3w1g and sit down for a spell. Any knowledge or networking checks made by this contact must be accompanied by at least half an hour of drinking and small talk at the bar. If you wish to try and hurry the process up, make a test of loyalty with a threshold of 2. On a success, F1ZZ will begrudgingly make the check with a -4. On a failure, he will angrily inform the player that they should do it themselves if they're in such a hurry.
Exclusive Access The 3w1g is a hangout of the Walking People, and thus not particularly accessible to outsiders. In order to take this contact you must either be a member of the tribe or have at least 10 positive reputation with them. If this membership is revoked/positive rep drops below 10, the contact cannot be used again until your reputation has been restored.
Reverberant Although not a technomancer himself, F1ZZ's years of working with them have given him a deep understanding of the resonance. He's capable of perceiving it, and gains +2 to any associated knowledge checks
Firsthand Experience F1ZZ may be old but his memory ain't failing yet. He's been active on the matrix since before the first crash and is always happy to share his experiences. +2 to any knowledge checks relating to matrix history.
Resonant Diplomat Despite ostensibly being a bartender, F1ZZ is a respected veteran within the Walking People. He's often called upon to help with inter-tribe diplomacy since, shockingly, most hackers aren't very good talkers. He gains +2 to networking checks involving notable technomancer tribes (ex. Summer_Knights, the Resonant Church, etc.)
I Want to Believe F1ZZ loves talking about cryptids, especially when they're on the matrix. He gains +2 to knowledge checks made involving technocritters and other paranormal matrix creatures.
It Takes All Kinds Metahumans aren't the only beings on the matrix, and F1ZZ makes a point to know about the others. +2 to knowledge checks involving AI or Xenosapients.
Don't Give Up the Fight Despite everything he's seen over his exceptionally long life, F1ZZ hasn't given up hope that the corps will one day fall. He's done plenty of good work in his time, but now he mostly sticks to serving as a middle man. +2 to networking checks involving NeoA or similarly leftist hacktivists.
Who's Who Everyone in the Walking People stops by the 3w1g; the place is an institution. Even the most antisocial of members eventually share a drink or too with F1ZZ. He gains +2 to networking checks involving members of the tribe.
Master Drink Slinger F1ZZ has spent decades refining his simsenses to perfection. The drinks at the 3w1g are amazing.


Knowledge Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 9 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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