A Dockside Doctor

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A Dockside Doctor
LocationSeattle, Tacoma
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
'Doc' Mortimer
Street Thugs
Max Pain
Troll Female
Human Male
Casualties and losses
No casualites 2 unconscious
Two street thugs knocked out unconscious, and runners retrieve the briefcase


Two shadowrunners receive a call from their fixers, a local doctor needs help of retrieving his wares when two thieves broke into his clinic. Max and Themistocles decided to pay a visit, the troll doctor introduces himself as Doc Mortimer. A friendly troll is in dire need of retrieving his wares from whomever stole his possession. When runners asked if they known who these thieves are, or where'd they live. He couldn't help much, but he was able to get a picture on surveillance. Two runners were able to locate the thieves, knock them out unconscious, and retrieved his wares.


Doc Mortimer has asked Max Pain and Themistocles to find his wares in exchange of offering his services for cyberware (or bioware perhaps). Although Max and Them never use wares, so Mortimer offers 16,000 Nuyen to retrieve his belongings and send the thieves a dire warning. He prefers to let the thieves live. After his introduction, he shares a photo he was able to get it on surveillance: A female troll and human male.

The Meet

Max Pain was hanging out at some local restaurant until he received a call from Matt Stryker. He accepts the job and heads down to Tacoma. Themistocles was busy sparring at a gym in Downtown when he receives a call, and sends the deets to him of where he'll meet. He takes a cab to head down to the local clinic. Upon arriving, the entire clinic is organized scented with sterile alcohol similar to hospitals. The two of them were greeted by the Johnson (Doc Mortimer)

The Plan

Max Pain and Themistocles did the old fashion way by asking around the locals in Tacoma, so they aimed at the shanty clubs, and asked if they'd seen these two individuals. Themistocles negotiate the bartender for 100 Nuyen of finding information, but didn't get any reliable info from him.

Eventually they continued their investigation until one of the locals were able to recognize the two individuals and last saw them at the Tacoma docks. The plan is simple: Retrieve the package and let the two thieves live.

The Run

Two runners entered the warehouse facility where no guards or goons are present. Themistocles checked one of the rooms to find the thieves until they stumble upon them checking the contents on the case. Max Pain used his spell to boost his reflexes while Themistocles prepares a flash bang to toss into the room.

Soon as the room turned into a Chinese Take-out, Themistocles enters the room attempting to use his blunt weapon to attack the troll. The other thieve (human male) is already knocked out unconscious. Max assisted him and shoots the Troll's leg to avoid killing her. When she finally went unconscious, the two runners managed to retrieve the package unscathed.


Doc Mortimer is pleased to hear the news from two runners they let the two thieves lived and sent them a message. Themistocles decided to use an expo marker to write down his name and info on their faces as a warning. Doc Mortimer will throw another 4,000 Nuyen as a bonus for collecting his wares & left the thieves alive.


20,000 Nuyen or twice in 'ware avail 18 or below (10 RVP)

6 Karma (6 RVP)


Optional, taken from RVP:

Shoot First, Don't Ask (2 RVP)

'Doc' Mortimer (Connection 3/Loyalty 3) (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I've never actually met a normal troll, they're all minotaurs where I'm from. And he asked for a simple enough job, teach some clowns a lesson. And a lesson was taught with a flashbang that rattled the skinny guy to the core, and my now focus that knocked out the fat guy. Mr. Johnson was very happy with the end.