*Sound of a Can Opening*

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*Sound of a Can Opening*
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Renraku Computer Systems
Units involved
  • Light corporate security force
  • Summary

    A low-level corporate manager looking for a promotion hires a team of shadowrunners to sabotage the competition.


    Two managers at a Renraku-owned industrial park in Tacoma are up for promotion. The likely candidate is an exceedingly angry man known to verbally abuse his employees. The other candidate decides to go outside the law to make sure he doesn't get the job.

    The Meet

    The client meets with the team in a public park in Renton. It's a nice day. He seems nervous, though, and confesses he's never dealt with shadowrunners before. He is, however, willing to pay the team 36,000¥ to make sure he gets the job above his competitor. He asks them to sabotage the operations of the soda bottling plant his rival manages, but only without killing anyone. The team suggests framing his opponent for the sabotage to make it look like he could oversee a crisis well, and he gives them the manager's contact information for research. The team notes this takes place on extraterritorial property before they accept the deal, and they talk him up to 48,000¥.

    The Legwork

    Jenny Glitz cracks the host serving the plant and finds employee emergency exit procedures in the case of a fire as well as a map of the building's layout. She downloads copies and gave them to Artemis, who sets up a sniper position floating well in the air to prepare for long-range fire support and spellcasting. Jenny then cracks the host serving the manager's office complex and plants credible files implicating the manager hired them for the sabotage. While there, she also discovers that he is a fan of El Ellie, who then has her manager come up with a phony flash contest for a private concert for one fan picked on social media in order to draw him to the scene of the crime shortly after it happens.

    The Run

    Boom Poom sneaks into the plant amidst the buzz of excitement over El Ellie showing up for a private concert soon. He hurls a fireball inside, setting off a fire alarm. Everyone inside hurries out in accordance with the emergency plans and files into the nearby parking lot, where El Ellie distracts them while Artemis strategically places ball lightning into the chambers full of unattended machinery. The factory's equipment is ruined. Boom Poom gets caught on some razor wire in his escape, but he manages to disentangle himself.


    While the terms of the client's job are technically fulfilled, he is abhorred with the extent of the destruction. He doesn't renege on payment, but he isn't happy.


    • 12,000¥
    • 10 Karma
    • 2 CDP
    • -2 faction rep, Renraku Computer Systems

    Player After Action Reports (AARs)

    Jenny Glitz

    Boo hoo, some corporate capital got broked! We did the goddamn job, if he wanted us to sabotage the plant less hard, he should've said so. Anyway, it was nice fabricating evidence against a corporate stooge, that's one of my favorite services.