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MetatypeElf (Dryad)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
CharGen Type - Sum-to-Ten
Metatype - D (Elf (Dryad)
Attributes - B
Magic - A (Mystic Adept)
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


Magic-assisted long range specialist.



Artemis entered the shadows in a mildly unconventional way. She frequented a firing range that was also frequented by shadowrunners, not that she actually knew that for certain, and occasionally Js would meet their groups on the range.

One day, while she was enjoying her Saturday afternoon unloading a rifle into a distant target when a young woman showed up in the booth next to Artemis and started shooting, talking to her without turning to look between shots. She sounded like she was talking vague nonsense, but Artemis humoured her by responding in kind, being more focused on her shooting than the conversation. After a few minutes of back-and-forth that sounded like something out of an old spy trid, the other lady left, handing Artemis a paper folder containing a photograph of a man before leaving. Running back through the conversation, she tried to parse what the woman had meant, and came up with "I'm pretty sure my husband's sleeping with someone else, I want proof, and I want you to kill him and his lady."

Now Artemis wasn't a murderer, or even a criminal, but she was a bit of an idealist (and had maybe watched one too many romcoms), and came to the conclusion that he was probably just trying to set up a nice surprise for his wife or something and this clearly impressionable young lady had read too many articles on "How To Tell If Your Man's Cheating On You" but decided it was probably worth letting the police know. She composed her little anonymous tip and sent it in to KE, where it was added to the backlog labelled "tips about violent crime in Touristville."

She saw the man on her way back to where she parked her Scoot (a relatively safe multi-story) from the range, and decided to follow him on a whim. She followed from a safe distance, but having never followed someone before she quickly lost him around a corner. About a minute later, she heard a muffled scream from an alley up ahead. As a resident of Touristville, she knew better than to go and investigate, but she needed to go this way anyway. She crossed to the far side of the street and kept walking, only glancing into the alleyway as she passed. She saw the man holding a woman down, and a change came over Artemis. She calmly stepped back into the shadow of the buildings on her side of the street, took her gun off her shoulder, raised it, aimed, and with uncharacteristic focus and skill, gifted the man a new hole to breathe through (unknown to Artemis at the time, this was when she Awakened and first used her Adept Powers). The woman jumped up, looked around and saw Artemis calmly putting the gun away again before setting off.

The next weekend, at the firing range (all her shots landing with much more precision than usual), the original woman who 'hired' Artemis showed up again and slipped her... more nuyen than she'd made in a year. That was what first got her thinking about maybe doing this professionally.

On her way back to her Scoot, she saw the woman she saved from before, who turned out to be a fixer: one Maria Gennaro, who offered her a job.

In the months since, Artemis has honed her skills and learned how to sling mana.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Day Job: Small gun range in Touristville, 9am-2pm Saturday, Sunday

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
*Sound of a Can Opening*Aurora27 May 2081
Sword Or Sickle?Aurora12 January 2081
Overflow - Running WildMaly14 December 2080
Routine DeliveryTeksura13 November 2080
Crimes against FashionMach Ten10 October 2080
Fuck the RadioDrBurst8 December 2079



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Maria Gennaro 2 5 Fixer Professional Bounty Hunter The Pauper Gentry, Respect The Hustle, Trickle Down Economics Even
Juniper Jones 2 1 Gear Talismonger (Wiccan) Awakened, Wiccan, Suburban Witch Even



Allies: None


Enemies: None

In Character Information

Weak attack spells are against my religion.

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