Fuck the Radio

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Fuck the Radio
LocationBellevue, Seattle
Result Some decent Christmas music in Kongmart
Factions Involved
Black Rose
Frag Face
Emerald City Security



The ShadowHaven team successfully replaced that awful NERPs season music with some up-and-coming ork Christmas music.


A Black Star representative wants that ghost-damned corporate seasonal music replaced.

The Meet

The ShadowHaven team met the troll street-sam Johnson at the Black Rhino on Sunday morning. He treated the team to a meal, then explained how he worked for Kongmart, and couldn't take it if the corporate seasonal music was still playing when he gets into work on Wednesday. He didn't care how the team did it, so long as the music being broadcast from the Kongmart offices stopped. He also suggested some local ork winter festival music as a replacement.

The team was quite happy with a 10,000¥ payout.

The Legwork

Black Rose started with a building drive-by, to assess the likely security, which turned out to be around 15-20 Emerald City Security guards, some drones, a rigger, possibly some Awares, mid-range maglocks. Frag Face then spent some time trying to find some blueprints for the building, but eventually gave up and made an educated guess on what the layout would be like. Artemis scoped out a possible sniping position, and prepared to cover the insertion team.

The Plan

The basic plan is to wait until after the weekend wageslaves would have left, then the insertion team (Black Rose, Crosley, Frag Face) break in through the lobby, locate the recording booth, switch over the music lineup, then bail.

Meanwhile, Artemis provides overwatch from the next building.

The Run


Under cover of night, the insertion team sneaks up to the lobby doors. After a quick debate on the viability of stealing a cardkey, Black Rose adeptly disassembles the maglock, and the team is in. They make their way up to the office floor, where Crosley has the bright idea of consulting a office map to find the sound booth.


The team quickly and quietly arrives at the sound booth, where, with Crosley and Frag Face keeping watch, Black Rose sets up and gets to work, carefully rewiring the desk to play the new choice in music. With a message of "And here's something to stop us all going insane this Christmas", she changes over the tracks.


The team quietly exits the building, Black Rose decides to reassemble the compromised maglock, then they all GTFO. No alarms sounded, no runners spotted.


The music selection in the Kongmart malls contain significantly less subliminal messaging, and makes people slightly less likely to contemplate murder.


  • 5 Karma
  • 10,000 Nuyen
  • +1 Reputation with Black Star

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