Crimes against Fashion

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Crimes against Fashion
GMMach Ten
LocationPuyallup, Downtown
Result Team recovered Vashon prototypes
Commanders and leaders
Purkinje, Quickdraw, Mirage, Artemis,
Casualties and losses
8 Merc security, 1 Rigger 7 i-Dolls, 1 Juggernaut


Fixers call out for a desperate client with a last minute job - Appropriate Vashon Islands Autumn prototypes for the Crime Mall at any cost.


The Runners meet over noodles at the Crime Mall, Madame Gutentag, an Orkish fashionista is renovating a segment of the mall to bring more boutique sales to raise the status out of the gutter

The job doesn't offer pay but Madame will use her connections on the runners behalf to engage the services of her associates if the job goes well for her.


Quickdraw and Purkinje both race to dive headfirst into research on the Matrix, looking at the Launch Party at a high society night club uptown Seattle as well as the contractors for security.

Mirage, happens to know a guy in the industry and gets lucky, their contact is at the launch and describes in great detail the properties of the fashion armour they are to steal as well as the security surrounding it.

Artemis, arriving late for the legwork, gets to work on the route and finding the perfect ambush spot near the docks before the vehicle boards a ferry back to Vashon Island.

With only an hour to spare the team recon the nightclub, Quickdraw focuses on the building Host, while Purkinje and Mirage mark the security vehicles and try top throw security off the trail before they even start the job.

The convoy sets off not much later but Quickdraw, fearing the wroth of GOD, is forced to lose his marks of the mercs and reboots.

The signal is given within moments of crossing Artemis' killzone radius, the Truck rigger has his mind blown across his own cocoon, the front Humvee has it's gas tank exploded and the rear has it's electronics fried before any calls for help can be made, it all seems too easy!

Quickdraw makes a dash for the truck to take manual control, movement in the cargo container draws his attention, something humanoid lunges for him and he reacts on instinct alone, frying the brains of the drone creature... more lurch from the darkness and he flees, from the sniper nest, Artemis takes out another with a perfectly placed blind shot... Mirage pulls up the car as Purkinje looks on in horror at the destruction of what she believes to be anthrodrones.

7 i-dolls in total collapse to the floor, dressed in Vashon Island latest and greatest creations for this years battlezones.

Something bigger looms in the truck, taking no risks the team fry its circuits and put bullets into its core systems rendering it useless, the Juggernaut lies dead.


The team quickly gather the jobs target equipment and make haste for the barrens and their payday. Madame Gutentag is overjoyed at their success and her associate Rod Sterling hops from foot to foot behind her, eager to get to the remnants of the anthrodrones. he passes out his details to any who want them with the promise to get equipment they might need in the future.


8000 nuyen, 3 karma, +1 Street Cred and +2 reputation with Crime Mall for each runner.

Alternatively - Rode Sterling as contact

Player AARs

Purkinje's Report

Okay, so I don't know what I was expecting, but blowing up an armored convoy to get in a fight with a bunch of real dolls and a fragging Juggernaut to recover mostly tattered clothes wasn't it. It almost went off without a hitch, but then I was surprised to learn the target vehicle I'd intended to hack had been jumped into by a rigger, and things got complicated. Fortunately our team's skillset was more than enough to accomplish what needed to be done and relatively covertly. I even got in good with a tech vendor at the Crime Mall! I can't wait to find out what sorts of things he can scrounge up for me!