Overflow - Running Wild

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Overflow - Running Wild
Location(Target site of the run)
Result (Quick description of the run.)
Factions Involved
Evans Doyle
Frag Face
Casualties and losses
None 5 members of EVO hitsquad


The team went in and killed everyone of EVO's hitsquad.


EVO attacked OtherCon in hopes of aquiring a server they took from them few months prior.

The Meet

The meet consisted of the team being woken up in 3A.M. and going to the location as soon as possible.

The Legwork


The Plan


The Run

When team arrived Frag Face smashed EVO's vans, luckly there weren't any car bombe in them. The team entered thu thr hole in the wall Frag Face made then Artemis cast detect life and shot a troll thru 3 walls in the head with her sniper. Frag Face proceeded to make more holes in the walls and deck the first person he sees. Another ork broke thru the wall, Frag Face feeling insulted counter-attacked him back into the room. Meanwhile Purkinje broke two commlinks and bricked guy's legs then her drone nonlethally stabbed him with a chainsaw. Artemis with Blast stunned most of EVO and OtherCon including Johnson and Squrrel Girl. One of assailants tried to escape but Frag Face penatrated him with a kick. After Doyle's and Kost's firing at one, he tried to negotiate surrender. It was rejected by a bullet to the face, courtesy of Kost. Meanwhile guy with no legs and chainsaw in his chest got his arms bricked by Purkinje. Soon team wrapped any loose ends and after getting ton of Coffee discussed the pay with Johnson.


  • Karma = 8
  • Nuyen = 10.000
  • Rep = OtherCon +2
  • CDP = 2

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I did not appreciate being woken at 3 AM, but that's when the fragging Evo wanted to work. The soykaf provided by Artemis was quite a nice way to finish the job, though. Now, if you will excuse me, I will be going back home to get some sleep.


I made a man a quadriplegic on this one. So y'know, that happened. Turns out running all of your limbs online is a huge vulnerability if you aren't well protected! Who knew?