Routine Delivery

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Routine Delivery
Result Runner victory
Factions Involved
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Ares Macrotechnology
Casualties and losses
None Some drones


The team managed to steal a truckload of mirrors on a stick along with the hidden data.


The mirror on a stick is oddly difficult to find through legitimate means, but interestingly it is very easy to find if you’re willing to pay a premium fee. For 70 nuyen or more, you have a significantly easier time finding one. Obviously, there is a black market for the mirrors on a stick, enabling runners to buy them for an upcharge (gaining bonus dice to their availability roll for every 25% extra they pay of the measly 35 nuyen). So, the Vory are looking to get into that market for the resources that come along with selling black market goods. Even if those black market goods are just mirrors on fragging sticks.

I have it on good authority that this has NOTHING to do with the fact that the Yakuza are secretly using the shipment to transport some data right under Ares' nose.

The Meet

The team meets up with the Vory johnson and after quite a bit of discussion and many protests from the Johnson's chair, the team agrees to steal the shipment.

The Plan

  • The team considered a few alternatives such as stealing the goods before it ships out, but ultimately decided to make sure the truck stops at a choke point on a bridge, and jump out and hijack it. before anything can be done to stop them.

The Run

  • The team did a lot of research onto the site via the matrix, using knowledge rolls to get a good idea of what they might be up against. They then tried a detect life ritual, but after 5 hours they got nothing out of that so Cheshire went to scout on the astral.
  • On the astral, Cheshire found the first clue towards what Mr. Johnson hasn't told them. He finds one of the office workers is extremely uneasy and stressed. Cheshire also found old astral signs of a murder out back from before the plant fell into Ares hands (back when the Yakuza controlled it).
  • Just before leaving, Cheshire spots another astral form scouting the area. He follows it to their body, and follows the car that drove by.
  • Once he finds where they are staying, he returns to report to the team that someone else is interested.
  • The team opts to pay this rival team a visit, and talks quickly devolve into a firefight. The team takes down the hostiles quickly, and the hostile decker surrenders.
  • After interrogating the decker, they learn about the hidden data in the shipment, and that his associates are Yakuza. Their man on the inside of the facility is still loyal, and is sending out data on a shipment which he tipped the Yakuza off about.
  • The team knocks the decker out after letting him hurt himself with a powerful rifle he didn't know how to use. Decker got some serious bruising and a dislocated shoulder.
  • Team finally sets themselves up to be positioned in front of the delivery van at go time, with their sniper on a roof pretty damn far from the action. On command, signals are jammed, a plant spirit manifests in the rigger cocoon of the truck, and the police cruiser has its battery shot dead. The team makes their move and Dandy drives the truck off to Puyallup to hide and wait for things to cool down.
  • While they wait, the team peeks at the data. They find out that the Yakuza man on the inside had been sending Ares secrets to the Yakuza, and they also find that his factory has been getting really cheap labor in the form of metahuman trafficking Bunraku puppets.
  • The team quietly makes sure their Johnson doesn't find out they learned about the data, and eventually delivers the goods.



¥18,000 3 karma +1 faction rep Vory

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