Sword Or Sickle?

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Sword Or Sickle?
LocationSnohomish, Seattle
Humanis Assholes


A farming commune in Snohomish asks some Shadowhaven runners for help in repelling Humanis attacks.

The Run

Shark, Artemis, and Paladin arrive at a commune which had recently been attacked by Humanis. They speak to Maci Quinn, the leader of the commune, who tells them what happened and asks that they help repel Humanis and help her keep her community together. All the runners refuse to be paid. While they're talking to Myles and Ryan Marsh (two of the oldest members of the community), the couple insists they no longer feel safe here. During the conversation, a sniper starts taking shots at them. Artemis dives behind a wall and is able to take out the enemy sniper with her own rifle.

Shark, Artemis, and Paladin trek out into the woods to locate the body of the sniper. They find the sniper's commlink and decide to set up a trap for the Humanis members in the group text detailing plans to attack the commune. Shark manages to convince the Humanis members to meet at a building a third of a kilometer from the commune. Shark and Paladin hide inside the building, while Artemis takes up a sniper position from the commune.

As soon as the Humanis members arrive, Artemis casts two Force 12 Ball Lightnings at the Humanis members while Paladin and Shark defeat the Humanis members inside the building. They never stood a chance.

Also Shark's pregnant wife called him four times requesting pickles and ice cream, mayonnaise and popcorn, and finally a Hawaiian pizza with mayonnaise for sauce. Shark heroically also brought home tums.


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