2 Farm 2 Market

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2 Farm 2 Market
Part of The Farm and The Furious
LocationDowntown, (General area of run. Tacoma, Redmond, ect.)
Factions Involved
John from IT


Runners help local farmer by dismantling a yakuza money laundrying operation.


Turnip prices are suspiciously low, Mint knows something is up, so she calls our team of runners to investigate.

The Meet

Mint, a local farmer, contacted the team and had them meet up at her farm in the Redmond barrens, after a short brefing the team sets off to Pike´s place in downtown to buy groceries and find out whats happening.

The Plan

The team does an extensive matrix search for information on the main turnip supplier while conducting a stake out on both the physical and spiritual planes. From the matrix they manage to obtain information that links the supplier to a series of cases where farms were vandalized and forced into bankrupcy only to be bought for dirt cheap afterwards, their efforts pay off as they find the head of the farm pulling over and dropping the payment at the market where it is promtply decided to deal with him.

The Run

Acting quickly and the with help of an air spirit the target is subdued and loaded in the getaway car, two thugs tried to interfere but a mind control spell had them cuffing themselves to a truck, the unconcious farmer was dropped at a nearby police station where the one of the team´s contacts, Legal Eagle, was already gathering incriminating evidence and preparing a case against him.


With the Yakuza´s operation over, Mint can now sell her wares at a fair price and continue the Redmond Rejuvenation Project.


8k nuyen 6 karma 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Honestly? I never expected this run to go so smoothly! everything just fell into place you know? we had the right people, the right contacts and the right gear for the job. Plus we helped someone that is trying to do some good for the world, which is always nice.


Controlling the the malleable minds of the weak-willed is always so easy. I do wish the meeting had gone better with the Johnson, though she did seem nice. This... John From IT I do not wish to work with again.