A Bad Decision

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A Bad Decision
Result Ice cube was able to steal an airtaxi. Black rose barely survived.
Factions Involved
Ice Cube
Black Rose
The Octagon
Triad thugs
Triad boss
Casualties and losses
6 Triad thugs


In a drunken stupor Ice Cube and Black Rose decided it would be cool to steal an air taxi.




The daring duo conducted some basic matrix and meatspace info gather, pinpointing the location of an air taxi depot in asian town, near Tacoma harbor. It was raining and the streets were largely empty at the time of the night. The duo used this advantage to scout out the compound which turned out to be a large hangar like warehouse storage/parking for lower price air taxis. The compound was surrounded by an electrified fence with monowire on top. There were several cameras in place but no visible meat security. Black Rose was detected early by a camera due to bad sneaking and due to her compulsion, decided to take a jog around the warehouse, leaving Ice Cube hanging. She discovered a recently abandoned guard post. The "guard" snuck up behind her with a Krime Boss shotgun and held her at gunpoint, taking her into the warehouse. Ice cube comes looking for Rose and helps her kill the guard which was a Triad goon. The duo had accidentally walked into a Triad smuggling operation, that too owned by the Octagon, one of the magically well equipped triads. What followed was an intense fight with the goons using shotguns and flashbangs and Ice throwing a frag grenade. The duo also encountered the triad boss, who was a F7 free spirit, possessing a dead body. After all the goons are killed, the duo steals two air taxis. Frustrated by the death of its underlings, the spirit boss possessed an air taxi and pursued the duo. The duo split up and the taxi by karmic influence decided to pursue Black Rose. Ice cube stole the taxi to safety but Black Rose's car was rammed into pieces by the demon possessed car which then proceeded to breathe fire balls on the escaping troll. She was hit twice and had to burn edge to survive. Her comatose body fell in the sewers and ended up in Hollywood Hospital with 2nd degree burns.


Ice cube managed to steal an air taxi. Black Rose wasn't so lucky.


Black Rose: 13 karma. Addiction to kamikaze, 1 burned edge

Ice cube: Ford americar with the following mods: Secondary propulsion: rotors, Metahuman adjustment 2, Valkyrie module Cost for converting car ownership is 2000 nuyen.