A Belated KRIMinal Christmas

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A Belated KRIMinal Christmas
LocationSnohomish, Redmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Knight Errant Random Go Gang
Saint Nick
Tora Kokoro
Princess Hurley
Officer 1
Officer 2
Officer 3
5 Gangers
Casualties and losses
None All All


Santa's playing catch up, and he's late on a delivery to the good little boys and girls of the Redmond Barrens. Fortunately, he knows just the group of Santa's little helpers to get the job done. Now if they can just pull it off without getting themselves killed...


Santa has a group of what he calls "good little boys and girls" who are known by the name of "The Bears". He want to make a delivery of Christmas spirit to the gang, involving guns, armor, and drugs that they clearly deserve. Santa's number one security elf is definitely up for the job, while the rest of the crew is a bit leery a best, not sure what to make of this chipped up "Spirit of Christmas".

The Meet

Santa is pleased to welcome the team to his little shop of wintery cheer in Snohomish. Presented with the sight of the cheery representation of Santa Claus, and his number one security elf Skimmer, the rest of the team is a bit aghast at the whole prospect. Tora in particular seems to struggle with the idea of delivering guns and drugs to children in the Redmond Barrens, especially in the are where she lives. After a bit of mental juggling, and the social assistance of Princess Hurley and Skimmer, Tora is reluctantly convinced to accept the job. That is at least until Santa declares that they will each be required to wear elf costumes to make the delivery. Tora flatly refuses, at least until she realizes no costume, no paycheck. With a heavy sigh, the team dons versions of elf costumes to placate Santa, except Skimmer, who has several Christmassy options available to choose from. Sant then escorts them to the waiting truck loaded with weapons and drugs, and wishes them all the best of luck on their run.

The Plan

The plan is a simple one; drive the truck to the meet in Redmond and hand over the gifts to the Bears. There are no expectations of difficulty in executing this perfect plan, but as we know, no plan survives initial contact with the enemy...

The Run

The drive is a smooth one, and nothing untoward happens on the way to the Barrens. Unfortunately, the large garishly painted truck reflecting Santa's personal style catches the attention of a Knight Errant Police Cruiser, which pulls the vehicle over for questioning. Skimmer remains calm while explaining to the Officer that there really is nothing to see here; meanwhile Vip3r is slowly losing her mind as images of being taken back to prison flood her mind. To make matters worse, Vip3r's SIN is flagged by the reader, causing her to panic as the Officer asks her to step outside. Skimmer again explains that reception this close to the Barrens is spotty at best, and asks that the kind Officer try scanning her SIN one more time. The Officer does so, and declares that everything looks okay. Seeing the panicked expression on Vip3r's face he asks her if she is okay to which she breaks down in tears. As she babbles incoherently, the Officer tells her everything is alright, and to call him if she needs anything, handing out VR cards to the passengers. Skimmer pulls away with a sigh of relief, convinced that they just dodged a major bullet.

Shortly before entering the Barrens, Skimmer notices that he is once again being followed by a Knight Errant Cruiser, as another pulls directly in front of him, flagging his vehicle down as a third boxes them in. Figuring the jig is up, Princess Hurley literally hurls herself out of the vehicle, throwing knives at one of the Officers, taking him down. Pell and Skimmer tag team a second Officer, with spell and bullets, dropping him into unconsciousness. Tora hits the third with an alchemical concoction that causes him to bend over and vomit messily on the pavement, struck with waves of nausea. Skimmer decides to pull out, driving the vehicle away as Princess Hurley quickly catches up and leaps into the vehicle, leaving a parting gift for the vomiting officer; a rubber ducky High Explosive grenade that makes short work of him. Realizing the need to get off the streets and under cover, Tora uses her knowledge of the area to direct Skimmer to an underpass where they attempt to cover up the Christmassy decorations on the vehicle. With a couple cans of paint and some artistic talent, Tora and Princess Hurley disguise the vehicle as best they can with limited options. The gang then retreats to a nearby safehouse, awaiting the arrival of Santa's Reindeer gang.

As night descends, with an APB from Knight Errant blaring across the matrix, the team eventually makes contact with the reindeer, 9 burly orks and trolls led by Rudolph, the lead reindeer with a bright and shiny rubber nose. Returning to the vehicle, the team is happy to find that none of the presents have been stolen, but the tires have been slashed and the steering wheel taken. With a heavy sigh, they begin to carry the gear to the drop off location, 2 blocks away. The Bears are gratified to receive their gifts, but require Skimmer to show off his Christmas suit to seal the deal. After several trips back and forth, a go gang arrives shooting wildly into the air, obviously intent on claiming a piece of the action for their own.

While Vip3r engages the gangs decker, the rest of the team unload on the 5 gangers. Princess Hurley plays a game with a molotov cocktail, juggling it back and forth with one of the gangers before finally setting it off in their midst. Pell Blast them with a Ball Lightning, while Skimmer does what Skimmer does, unleashing a horde of bullets at the hapless gangers. Tora adds her two cents with her alchemical preparations and the gang is swiftly but surely brought low by the focused fire. Vip3r finishes off the decker with a parting data spike, bricking him and sending him an awful headache. Once again in control of the situation the team finishes the delivery and returns to Saint Nick's courtesy of the reindeer gang.


Santa is most pleased that the delivery was made, and highly apologetic at the lengths the team had to go to to make it happen. He offers his condolences, his best equipment, and himself as reward for the runners hard work.


  • EVERYONE'S SIN flagged and burned
  • R4 Saeder-Krupp Fake SINs for everyone
  • 22k worth of KRIME or Saeder-Krupp equipment
  • You all likely need new apartments
  • 8 CDP applied towards Saint Nick
  • 4 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Well, talk about an unfortunate series of events. Pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong; lost my SIN and my Apartment all in one fell swoop. Bad day I guess. But at least Santa's happy and that always pays off in the long run."


Well, that sure was a blow to my cool and composed image. Fraggin' embarrassing. Plus, now I gotta tell Harebuck that we need to move. Again. For the third time in five months.
But, hey, whatever. The job got done, we got our pick of the fat man's stock, and I didn't have to go grovel to Yang to beg him for a new SIN. Or, y'know. Deal with worse outcomes.


Well, that escalated quickly; I'm not sure how this Hurley person got on this job. I can see how'd she got on the Haven, if/when there was a string of jobs requiring very lethal distractions.

Going by Frau Tendler instead of Miss Perell is going to be a pain for a while; need to brush up on my German.


I fraggin' hate Christmas. Last time I take a job from some crackpot Johnson. Out of all my jobs this is the one where shit not only hit the fan, but blew out into the stratosphere. I felt bad for Vip3r. She's good people and though she shrugged off the PTSD I can tell there's a lot going on in her past. Plus the gang that we gave the stuff to made me on sight, so now I gotta deal with that on my rep. Bah humbug.