A Cruel Angel's Thesis

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A Cruel Angel's Thesis
Part of Suffer the Children
LocationBarrens, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Felipe Chandler
MCT hired team of runners
John from IT
John Brown
Casualties and losses
Opfor team mage


Pell, Usagi, John from IT, John Brown and Flyboy respond to an SOS from Sean Dempsey, about a clinic in the Barrens, where Doctor Felipe Chandler works, being attacked.


A troll kid, Troy emerged. MCT having heard about this, hires a team of runners to kidnap the kid, while the good doctor was helping the kid.

The Meet

The blue team met near the clinic, with Sean.

The Plan

The plan was to scout the opfor, after realizing that it wasn't a ganger attack, but an organized attack by a spec-ops unit or runner team.

The Run

After some quick Astral and Matrix scouting runs, John from IT notices the Living Persona of a recently emerged Technomancer in the clinic's host. Pell concludes that the Technomancer is the target of the attack. John from IT then bricks the opposition force's Decker to prevent communication. Usagi then attempts to make a distraction, breaking a window to the lobby, where the opposing Rigger had rigged into a Steel Lynx, with some swarmed rotordrones for support. After some shenanigans and some help from John Brown's summoned spirit, the Lynx was dealt with with ease. Pell then circles around the clinic, finding a booby trapped back door. The team heads inside, disarming the trapped door, and finding another one on the stairs. The team finds a cybered-up troll, a Nocturna adept and a human mage upstairs, with the mage and troll keeping watch and the Nocturna trying (and failing) to negotiate with the doctor, who was behind a barricade. The team then uses a Gamma-Scopolamine grenade mounted on a drone to paralyze the mage and Nocturna, and then move up to engage the troll. After a short firefight, the team finally knocks out the troll, while the mage was killed, and Usagi was knocked out.


The doctor finds out from the Nocturna that they were hired by a Johnson working for Mitsuhama, and then the survivors of the opfor team was allowed to leave afterwards.


8k nuYen

12 Karma, with options to get Felipe Chandler at 3/2 for 4 Karma instead and/or Sean Dempsey at 2/2 for 3 Karma instead.

+2 Doc Wagon rep

+2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I hope that there won't be any hard feelings between the other guys and us. Poor Usagi, he got hit hard enough to get knocked out.