A Geothermal Reawakening

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A Geothermal Reawakening
LocationSeattle, Hells Kitchen
Status Threat Level: Low Threat
Factions Involved
Bollwerk A few Spirits


Bollwerk goes into a magically functional geothermal powerplant to save a lost boy.


Marcus, a 10 y/o ork, and his friends often go exploring the old geothermal power plants in Hell's Kitchen. And normally it's quite save. Well, as save as Hell's Kitchen gets. But there has recently been a surge in magical activity in the area. And one evening it comes like it must come, Marcus doesn't return from his adventures.

The Meet

Bollwerk gets send to a rather poor house at the edge to Hell's Kitchen by his fixer Argent. The pay won't be much, and Argent of cause still wants his part, but making a name for yourself is good too. The aunt of Marcus is very very worried about her nephew. She tells him that Marcus is out playing in Hell's Kitchen for way too long ago, and all of his friends returned without him. He learns that there is a geothermal powerplant, where he probably stills is. Bollwerk wastes no time and takes the bike out into the wastelands.

The Run

Bollwerk drives his bike on the small "road" for about a kilometer, until it suddenly ends in small trails around active and over hardened lava fields. He downloads a hiking map for the area and makes his way on foot. Thankfully he can already see the powerplant in the distance, with small clouds of steam coming from it. After a short hike, he stumbles upon a few large red and orange colored eggs in a small, cooling-down lava stream. After seeing the phoenix he decides to rather quickly distance himself from the eggs. Thankfully the bird already has eaten the better part of a deer, so he is left unattacked. When he passes by a few geysers a few hundred meters later he gets attacked by two aggressive fire spirits though. But he manages to disrupt one of them quickly, which causes the other one to flee into one of the pools of boiling water. The rest of the way is rather uneventful though.

The powerplant is apparently partly in ruin, and partly fully operational. The pumps and electrical station are only salvaged leftovers from Crash 1.0. But the generator hall and the personnel housing seams to be up and running in peak condition. Bollwerk sneaks his way through a hole in the chainlink fence, and gets a good look into and around the building, while avoiding a security guard. The running parts of the facility seem to be fully staffed, but he can't find Marcus. Then he sees one of the personnel get into their car, drive off the powerplant grounds and simply vanish into thin air. At this point it's definitely a magical phenomenon, he's very sure of that. He quickly uses the time when the guard disappears in the generator room, to get a look inside the personnel building. There he gets called out by a guard when opening a closed room and quickly goes to shoot the security down. The guard quickly surrenders, and some of the workers react to the shots, but some look just confused at what their colleges are going. After a quick lie about being called by the police to get the boy, which the guard gladly accepts, he makes his way back towards civilization with the boy. After they distanced themselves a few meters from the powerplant it just suddenly all disappears into the original ruined state.

When Bollwerk gets the boy home he's rewarded with a cheap cake (well, it's the best they could afford) and 2000 nuyen, scraped together from the neighborhood.



2k Nuyen (1 RVP)

6 karma (6 RVP)

6 CDP (2 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Knights and princesses that was a run after my taste. Saving a child in need fills my heart with joy and at the same time learning about the magic in Seattle is just wonderful. When Sirgfried confirmed afterwards that I had done everything right, it felt really good. Ok I will not be able to pay my bills with such jobs. But it's just better than working for the secret service or AAA, at least for now.