A Master Challenge

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Date: 5/28/2081 By: Carly Reeves

Carly Reeves here, I'm reporting from outside Seattle Metro History Museum, where just twenty-four hours ago an anonymous tip was dropped to KE and security states that someone going by the initials MT:TP has been said to be going to steal the queen's scepter that was on loan to the museum by one named King Midas. We are just one minute from the time that was announced

The camera that's focused on the Museum pans up to the top as several spot lights hit the peak of the museum's roof. A lone person in a red and black cloak emblazoned with the numbers 862/865 on the back flows in the wind, they're hanging slightly by the flag pole. Several KE officers take shots at this person to no avail. The loud distorted voice of said person booms out over the crowd. "I am the Master Thief, The Phantom!" he pulls out the scepter as it can be heard that one officer is yelling for cease fire to not damage the scepter. "I put out a challenge to a good friend. Try your luck and outdo me." The figure disperses into the shadows. 

And with that it looks like this The Phantom has stolen the Queen's Scepter, a bounty has been placed for any information leading to the arrest of this person or if anyone can gather information on who they were talking about.

This has been Carly Reeves, KSAF News