A Maximus Tactical Family Catastrophe

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A Maximus Tactical Family Catastrophe
LocationSeattle, Downtown (ACHE Mall)
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ares Feral Ghouls
Master Morty
Force 7 Spirits, Technomancer, Magician, Laser Drones 3 unnamed Ghouls, Ghoul Four
Casualties and losses
3 Ghouls, Ghoul Four



For the anniversary of Dunklezhan's upcoming inauguration, Ares, through their subsidiary Maximus Tactical Family Outlet, developed a new toy of him (with REAL FIRE-BREATHING ACTION!!!!). Their stocks are poised to rise substantially with the sale of this new toy, which is about 1.2m tall. SpinGlobal doesn't approve.

The Meet

The meet occurs at a seafood restaurant, despite Master Morty and Newt being allergic to shellfish. The Johnson, who works for SpinGlobal, orders everyone the pufferfish. The Johnson assenses Swerve and realizes she's a banshee (which causes Swerve to eat the pufferfish - the sacrifice!) (She's Friendly to everyone who eats some pufferfish and Hostile to everyone who didn't - only Orchid and Swerve eat any). When she offers to double everyone's pay who ate the pufferfish, Master Morty says if she increases the offer from 26k to 30k base HE'LL eat the pufferfish - Varia agrees as well. Then, when Newt is suspicious, Master Morty says he'll her Newt's pufferfish too if she extends the offer to the entire team. She smirks and agrees - Master Morty ends up in the hospital. The meeting continues. Eventually Newt's attitude pisses off the J as she's leaving, and she uses Fae-Touched and then Commanding Voice on Newt to force her to eat the pufferfish. Meanwhile, Swerve has gone to the bathroom to throw up, and when she returns everyone else has gone.

The Plan

The team, after leaving the restaurant, begins their planning. Calling contacts and doing matrix searches. The team gets some floor plans of the ACHE Mall, then decides to examine the datachips the J gave them to put into the Dunklezhan toys. Master Morty and Varia crack the files on the datachips and discover that they are programmed to have the fire-breathing toys cause chaos and property damage. The team has some moral qualms for a moment before realizing that only rich people could afford the 500 nuyen toys.

Master Morty and Varia then do an extensive matrix search on this store. They find out that a previous shadowrun team had done a similar operation against this store 10 years prior that worked, which resulted in the CEO of the chain being fired. They also find the employee host and the names of the mage (Shayla Bonner) and techno (Mateo Maddox) who work at the store.

The team decides to look for a dating profile for the Mateo Maddox. They find it on Aphrodite, the Ares dating app. Orchid and Newt realize that if they dose Mateo Maddox with a BAD that causes astral perception would suppress his resonant abilities. Orchid calls a contact to source a drug that would do this, Yellow Lily (a drug for this session only). They also secure Orchid an Ares fake SIN so she can use Aphrodite. Orchid creates a profile on Aphrodite and uses photos owned by Ace Powers for her profile. She manages to get a date with Mateo Maddox for 30 minutes before his shift.

Meanwhile Newt calls Warboss for permission to travel through the Ork Underground. Newt, Varia, and Swerve head down into the Ork Underground. While down here, they run into a pack of feral ghouls. The team defeats them, though Newt is injured and needs to be stim-patched up. They get to the ACHE and find that they're in a gym shower area. Varia learns the patterns of the cameras to the toy store (which is 50m away), and shares this with the team. On the way back, Newt passes out before getting to the Skraacha and does not look cool. :(

Orchid wakes up to several messages from Mateo and others; many hearts and many lewd messages (Mateo's messages aren't lewd). Orchid has trouble getting through the SIN Scanner with her Burner SIN and ends up being late to the date. Mateo is upset about Orchid being late, so she buys him a 30 nuyen caramel-pumpkin spice latte, and burns edge to palm the Yellow Lily into his drink. 10 minutes later he is at work and astrally perceiving.

The Run

The team gets into position, Swerve, Newt, and Varia sneaking through the Ork Underground and Master Morty being ready on the matrix. After doing some drugs, as all winners in Shadowrunners do.

On the way back through the Ork Underground, they hunt down Ghoul Four (from earlier) and after a brutal fight manage to defeat it. They continue on to the ACHE.

Once inside the Mall, Newt sneaks over to the Maximus Tactical Family Outlet store, avoiding a small flame on the astral. Master Morty hacks into the store's host and opens the doors, loops the cameras, and opens the case. She manages to get 48 out of 50 chips swapped.

On the way out, Newt sees an Ares Lancer MP Laser and STEALS it. She once again manages to sneak out past the small astral flame (Force 7 Fire Spirit), and then the team exfiltrates through the Ork Underground.


When Orchid calls the Johnson, she dismissively responds to their success and reiterates her dislike of Newt. She does pay the team, however.

The release of the Dunklezhan toys goes catastrophically, with many injuries and much property damage. The companies are embroiled in lawsuits, and the stock prices of Maximus Tactical Family Outlet and Ares drop by 0.5%, losing their investors trillions of nuyen.


  • 30k nuyen or double that in 'ware or gear up to availability 18 - 15 RVP
  • 10 karma - 10 RVP
  • 2 CDP
  • Newt: +1 Notoriety, Perfect Time for -5 RVP, Photographic Memory for -6 RVP, -15 SpinGlobal Rep, Must Purchase the Ares Lancer MP Laser for -4 RVP
  • Orchid: Ace Powers at Loyalty 1 with -1 Chip for -6 RVP, First Impression for -11 RVP, +5 SpinGlobal Rep
  • Swerve: Common Sense for -3 RVP, +5 SpinGlobal Rep
  • Master Morty: Analytical Mind for -5 RVP, +5 SpinGlobal Rep
  • Varia: Better On The Net (Data Processing) for -9 RVP, +5 SpinGlobal Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Master Morty

"Johnson's, especially ones who work for the big corps, are weird. This one especially. I mean, it's one thing to invite a crew to a restaurant that serves food that the majority are allergic to. It another to bribe them to eat said food, in order to get your rocks off. It pissed me off, and I may have made a rash decision. Fortunately, I didn't have to pay the hospital expenses. But still; Johnson's are weird." The job took forever to plan for, but once things were all laid out, they went fairly smooth. The team was more than adequate for the situation, and working with a techno is always a blast. One thing I can appreciate is more power. Gotta get me one of them on the payroll or some such. But all in all things went quite well. Didn't mention my personal goals to the other runners, and they seemed to react to my presence much more positively than I have become accustomed to. Perhaps in the future, I will leave those little details out of the meet and greet. See? Even the Master has room to improve."


"I do not like the people from SpinRadical. Bizarre people who revel in the pain of others for no real reason. Or maybe it was just our Ms. Johnson. Those people with money let it twist them and they hold that power over others. As for the job, aside from one of our number being a spontaneous ghoul magnet, it went very smoothly. I was not looking forward to the thought of shooting my way out of an arcology. A very good way to become a pile of scrap. The team was skilled and I was able to support them. It was clean and smooth. A good run."


"I'm adding that fragging Johnson to the list. Why exactly is it seen as acceptable for my employers to mind magic me? It's happened twice so far, and yet 'professional courtesy' would have me in the wrong for putting a bullet in their eye for it. Whatever. The job got done and the money still spends, so I suppose I won't get too worked up about it. Almost got infected with strain 3, which would have been a remarkably unpleasant experience. Aside from that everything went smooth, and I got a fancy new laser pistol to boot."


At first I was thinking that this job would be easy and turn out I was dead, wrong with what we ran into and dealing with trying to get these out before anyone would notice it. glad my team was on point and we got most of the chips into the dolls. shocked that they stole that later gun.