A Message To The DA Office

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Horizon NewsNet

Date: 10 June, 2082 By: Charli Relford

“This is Charli Relford, your most trusted news anchor, live from the office of District Attorney Mark Donaghy. He has called for a morning press briefing, and, as always, Horizon’s news force is standing by to bring the news to you as it happens.”

The door to the press room opens, and Mark Donaghy walks in. With grim determination, he takes his place behind the podium and unfurls a note from his pocket.

“Last night, my office received a message. We do not yet know who it is from. We suspect that the criminal elements that we have begun to crack down on, the shadowrunners, have sent it to us as a threat.”

With a somber tone, he reads the note.

“To whomever logs in first at the DA’s office,

Perhaps you believe that your crusade is going according to plan.

Obviously, your efforts are not yielding results you can brag about.

Getting the bad guy seems like a harder task than you can handle.

Give it a month and things will be worse than they were before.

Eventually, you will realize your power is as fleeting as a favor.

Resign now, and we can all forgive and forget and be friends.

Seriously, someone might get hurt.

We are fed up.”

He folds the paper, and restores it to his coat pocket. When he speaks, his tone is heavy with purpose.

“Whether this is a direct threat or some misguided prank, I will find out who sent this message, and I will take action against them. There is no room for this kind of behavior in my city. I will stamp the shadowrunner menace out.” He punctuates the last sentence by slamming his fist onto the podium. Then, his briefing done, the District Attorney turns and leaves without asking for questions.

Charli’s face fills the screen once again. “There you have it. A new development in the District Attorney’s crusade against the shadows. Only time will tell how this will turn out for our city, but, rest assured, your Horizon News Team will be there to cover the story every step of the way. This is Charli Relford, from Horizon Seattle News, signing out.”

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