A Mundane Hunting Trip

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A Mundane Hunting Trip
LocationThe Rockies
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Evo
No One
Russian Dude
Russian Dude Ninjas
Casualties and losses
None, luckily. Just about everyone we encountered


The team travels to the Rockies, kills a dude, meets a deer, kills some more dudes.


The Meet

We are requested to take out an EVO executive. We call it easy money.

The Plan

Get to the guy's hunting lodge, ambush, and make money.

The Run

The crew first sources transportation. After some discussion, we take Bilge-Rat Jones' ship as close as possible. We then manage, barely, to wilderness survival our way to their cabin. The cabin is empty and there is a similarly vacant helipad. First plan, wait for them to come back and ambush them. We start by blocking the chimney and setting it up. Alarms go off but nobody really shows up, so we unblock the chimney. A dude shows up and is subsequently obliterated. He was not our target. A brief exchange between one member of their group and one member of ours results in us deciding to track them down. Y'know, after announcing we were gonna do that to them. So we follow a trail as far as we can. We then encounter a magic deer spirit that apparently doesn't know what a lie is. It asks for 100 acorns, and after comically acquiring some, we provide it with over 300. The deer spirit then guides us to the cabin. A fight ensues with a reverse ambush. Godai is knocked uncon, but everyone else rocks the shit of our ambushers. After the fight, we ready ourselves for the trip back to Seattle.



12k nuyen - 6 RVP 8 karma - 8 RVP 12 CDP - 6 RVP 2 CDP +8 OtherCon Rep

Optionals: Deuloara Leorel Connection 4 Networker at Loyalty 2 for -5 RVP Bilge-Rat Jones Connection 3 Smuggler at Loyalty 2 for -4 RVP SFDA for -2 KARMA Sense Of Direction for -3 KARMA Godai can take Mentor Spirit (Shark) for -5 KARMA Wolfin can take Natural Athlete for -7 KARMA No One can take the next level of Focused Concentration for -4 KARMA Basilisk can take Outdoorsman for -3 KARMA

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

No One

Everyone says the mountains are spectacular, but I just don't see the appeal - all those woods and rocks and dirt. I'm a city boy, through and through, but when the money's out on the mountain, No One must go to the mountain, because No One is not Mohammad and that mountain sure as shit ain't coming to him. Anyway, the world has one less Evo executive and I'm slightly better at murder. Never thought I'd say that back when I was in K-E either.


A humiliating defeat on my end. Though I managed to secure one kill with precision, the end fight saw me fall. Luckily, in the time I was unaware something reached out to me. It calls itself 鮫 (Same) and it promises to guide me in my future combats. I already feel my skills increase.