A Pirate's Life for Me!

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A Pirate's Life for Me!
GMKorean BBQ
LocationTacoma Harbor
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Saeder-Krupp
Woman From Another Place
Party Rock Squad


Woman from Another Place, Doris, Scurvy, and Flyboy were tasked with stealing five speedboats from a group of corp kids who were in the habit of partying in the Tacoma Harbor.

The Meet

The team arrived at a nice suburban house to meet with their Johnsons, an elf and an ork. The two were in need of acquiring Aztechnology Nightrunners and had located five at the Tacoma Docks, all of which were registered to the children of mid to high level corporate executives. They requested that the team steal these boats and drop them off outside the harbor. Woman from Another Place, after successfully googling the price of an Aztechnology Nightrunner, bargained for higher pay, and the Johnsons agreed to either 20,000 nuyen in cash or assistance in obtaining 40,000 nuyen worth of watercraft.

The Run

The pirate crew gathered at Doris' home, a small, extremely cramped boat shack on the low-end docks at the Tacoma Port. A little ways away - across the port and well within viewing distance from the entrance to her shack - were the five Nightrunners moored together in order to form an ad-hoc party barge for approximately 20 party people. Woman from Another Place identified the boat owners as well as their dockside security detail, while Doris astrally projected and determined that there were no spirits and only two awakened guards. After identifying that the partygoers were throwing their trash into the ocean, the team moved out immediately.

Doris called for assistance in stopping this group of assorted jerks from doing any more harm to the environment and was answered by an immensely powerful water spirit. Woman from Another Place and her two fault sprites Robert (pretty cool guy) and George (blind idiot garbage child) proceeded to rapidly brick the security detail's commlinks, followed by the commlinks of any party people other than the boat owners. Embarked upon the mighty craft known as the Maug Islands (Kawasaki Manta Ray, small recreational boat) with Flyboy at the helm, the intrepid pirate crew drove up to the Nightrunners while singing sea shanties and blasting backup music from their speakers, safely under the guise of being a bunch of weirdos attempting to crash a corporate drinking event.

The security detail was utterly destroyed by the water spirit while Flyboy's drones surrounded the party goers. Scurvy, with the help of his trusty grapple hand, boarded the boats by swinging from a large fake mast, which was clearly used to pretend to be a sailing vessel in order to wrongly obtain right of way under the nautical rules of the road. After threatening the boat owners and forcing them to turn over ownership to the pirates, everyone was forced overboard. Sadly, the boats were Russian off-brand and did not have readily available flotation devices, and many of the party goers jumped overboard with their drinks. Doris chastised them for littering until the boats were under control.


The boats were delivered to the Johnsons and the team was paid. Having concerns about doing crime in her immediate backyard, Doris is moving into a houseboat and has cleared out of her shack on the docks. Scurvy bought an accordion.


  • 20,000 nuyen OR 40,000 nuyen towards watercraft
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I'm a little sad that I didn't get to finally try out my explosives since we needed to keep everyone and their boats intact, but at least I got use my boat for something! Those littering corp kid jerks deserved everything that happened to them. Committing crimes within sight of my home was probably a bad idea, but I'm moving out into my new houseboat anyways, so who cares!


Fragging corp kids. Glad they got what was coming to 'em. And now I own two boats and a new drone so winning! Glad I didn't have to shoot any of them, and I got a kick-ass new trid recording too.


Now this is good work. Get me more of this, Alessa. Easy pickings, easy pay, gets us home happy at the end of the day. Now, that shanty singing's reminded me of something; time to get this synthlinky thing put into my leg. Nice to see not all of these Seattle shadowrunners are afraid of a little pirate fun.

Woman From Another Place

Solid job, boilerplate matrix overwatch. Not going to lie, of course. Watching those kids literally soil themselves when a literal pirate came to steal their junk was fun. I should give more sea shanties a listen... the album as it is is looking to be somewhat bland.