A Portal Opened Up in My Mansion, so I Hired Some Shadow Runners to Deal with the Demon that is.. Wait didn't we do this run already? There's no way this is just to make the title longer!

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A Portal Opened Up in My Mansion, so I Hired Some Shadow Runners to Deal with the Demon that is.. Wait didn't we do this run already? There's no way this is just to make the title longer!
Part of Adversaries
Factions Involved
Trash Panda


Yoiji hit up the haven app to get cash in some favors and hire some other help in-order to help him and his team finish a run. The goal was to clear out a mansion so that Yoiji's team can take over and get in without a scratch. After clearing all of the security easily, we found a stack of stupid powerful artifacts inside, and Yoiji told us to scram. From what we could tell, someone was killed and then Yoiji's "Johnson" would inherit these artifacts.


After a run, several runners in Haven owed Yoiji some favors, and came to collect for help with a run that his team was doing.

The Meet

We met up with Yoiji's team outside of the mansion, where he explained what he wanted us to-do. We then discussed what the pay would be, considering some of us owed him favors, where the people who owed favors would get 6000 nuyen and the people who didn't would get 32,000 nuyen.

The Plan

We scouted out the place and found out that there were several guards, a lot of drones and turrets, a fire spirit and a mana barrier linked to a Christian lodge. The plan was to knock out the owner of the spirit, then the knock out the guards out front while Twitch worked on the drones and coms, then move inside.

The Run

After the scouting, we traced the summoner of the fire spirit and Click knocked him out and tied him up. Then, we met up with Yoiji and helped them storm the house. Despite the heavy preparation and all the security they had found before, they found little to no opposition, which Yoiji seemed to have been expecting. This set the runners on edge, but they continued to cooperate. Twitch knocked out the cyber security, Trash Panda took out the fire spirit, while Ikari took out the mana barrier. After that, the Priest ran out and got knocked out by Click and Rapture. Once the mop up finished, Ikari smelled betrayal and hid (most because Yoiji walked up with two force 9 sprirts, where as Trash Panda followed Yoiji after Yoiji said there was some goodies in the basement. After some puzzle solving, the found artifacts that led back to the fourth age and could not be accencesed even by trash panda. Yoiji paid us and and pretty much told us to screw off, and Rapture stayed behind.


Rapture joined Neo-haven, the favor was canceled out, and everyone became super suspicious of Yoiji.


Rewards: 6000 Nuyen, 3 Karma, 2cdp -1 Chip owed to YoiJi (You can lose him as contact) For Trashpanda and Ikari Twitch and Click 32000 Nuyen, 0 Karma, 2cdp Rapture Retires and joins Neo-Haven

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This run was very planning heavy and combat light, and we were all rearing for Yoiji to betray us (which he didn't). Even if there wasn't much for our combat characters to do, the plan went off without a hitch, and as a wise man once said "I love it when a plan comes together".


I don't know what Yoiji was aiming for. I don't care. The job was too easy, but he payed up, so... all's well that ends well, I guess.

Trash Panda

That YoiJi guy is a real drekhead. He kept changing the job every few minutes, adding on new expectations and expanding the scope of what he expected. I was getting some nasty feels like he was trying to set us up for something nasty, too. And in the end he didn't even want our help at all, blowing off everything we planned and he just went off all on his own before we had finished. Glad I don't owe him drek anymore.


I was ready for things to get messy, and it looks like I was right. Sec was light, too light for a job like this, and YoiJi was... not particularly courteous, no. Bastard made the right choice letting us walk. I wish I could say the same for what we did.