A Real Shadowrunner

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A Real Shadowrunner
LocationFife, Tacoma, Seattle, UCAS
Doctor Anubis
Casualties and losses
None None


Rich corp kid was out meeting girls, and started to hit it off with one girl he found. When he realized she was into “the dangerous type”, the kid told her he was actually a Shadowrunner. This got her interested, and got a commcode out of her, but the whole plan came to a grinding halt when she said 2 words: “Prove it”.

Now, the corp kid needs to hire a team of runners to bring him along on a “job” and record proof that he is a real shadowrunner. Even though he isn’t. Oh dear god, is he NOT.

The Meet

Team is asked to meet up at Greta's Elven Pub in Fife (C zone) at 10:00 PM. They show up, and find their Johnson being unceremoniously hurled out of the bar. The meet is relocated to the ally behind the bar.

The Johnson eagerly explains his predicament, the girl he wants to impress and the lie he told her. He wants to steal back "her" hoodie from the girl's ex and have the team get footage of him looking awesome while doing it. He takes the entire team by surprise when he announces his runner name will be Chet Awesomelaser... "See, because my name is Chet, AND THIS IS MY AWESOME LASER!" He then proceeds to brandish an Ares Redline and shoots a nearby garbage bag. The team accepts the job with some reluctance, as this is clearly beneath them and embarrassing, but the money is good.

The Legwork

Turns out, Chet doesn't know where the ex lives, but he did figure out one of their hangouts. The team decides to pressure Chet into not using the laser, and convinces him to use Gel rounds. They swing by the Krime mall to get some gear and Chet orders an Ares Predator V from the Ares catalog, and has it express delivered. Then, the team spends a little time trying to show Chet how to shoot, because they realize that amazingly, he doesn't know how to use a gun. Chet feeds the team a lie about it being his father not wanting to let him do that until he is 18, and the team is very skeptical of this because what Ares citizen isn't going to have their kids shooting at age 4?

The Plan

The team decides to go 100% nonlethal, recording with cybereyes they keep an eye on the bar and wait for some sign of the gang the ex belongs to so they can get their crib's location from them, and get the sweater.

The Run

The team quickly spots some of the gang, and decides to rush the bar. They kick in the door and catch everyone by surprise. A little magic keeps everyone from drawing weapons for a short time, and the fight breaks out.

In a frankly surprising show of competence, Chet landa a hit with his gel round, knocking one dude on the ground.

Another is smacked in the leg.

After one goes down, the others try to run, but one drops to a dehydrate spell as he is running out the door. The last one surrenders.

The team wins the fight, and passifies the barkeep holding the shotgun with a generous bribe. They then start interrogating the gangers, and eventually get the location out of them, although they are embarrassed to admit what they're really doing, they tell the gangers who at least respect that they're screwing some rich kid out of money.

Once they get to the ganger's crib, they surprisingly just walk up to the door and talk to the gangers on lookout. They namedrop the ex and say they want to talk business with him. They then offer to just buy the hoodie off of him, the cheeky buggers. Look at these guys being all sensible and logical.

Team offers an extra bonus to stage some footage of Chet stealing it from them, and manage to convince the ex to go along with it. They go to a nearby ally and stage it. Chet does surprisingly okay, and is made to look even better by an amazing Edit File action to edit the video footage. We didn't even have a matrix character.

J is happy and very enthusiastic about this, and pays the team what he offered and a small bonus.


  • 18,000¥
  • 3 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Jezebel's Report

As often as I get people to believe my lies, they doubt me when I say I can convince people to do what I say. I'm okay with that, though. The look on their faces when a gun moll walks in and shouts at people to drop their guns, and the whole gang does it? Priceless. Anyway, thank God for corp kids, am I right? Way more money than sense. Fleecing this kid was the kind of sugar job I could get used to. The gang wanted to look out for him, but the way I see it, he wants to be a shadowrunner, let him try to be a shadowrunner. Some get their start even earlier than him, he's seventeen. You want him to stop drinking the Ares bug cult punch? Show him a real job. He either bites the dust or learns better. That may sound tough, but it sure beats getting turned into a wasp or some drek. Anyway, I'm gonna go spend this cool sixteen grand. Had my eye on a shine Caliban. I'll be the talk of the block!