A Shadowrun Based on Anime Crimes Division Season 1 Episode 2

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A Shadowrun Based on Anime Crimes Division Season 1 Episode 2
Result The card was stolen from the mage, and the mage died a painful death on the street.
Factions Involved

Organ leggers
Blood mage

Casualties and losses
Decoy and Purkinje injured, but alive Blood mage killed


After a run to claim an ultra-rare Dark Magician Yu-Gi-Oh card for a mysterious mage was completed, the mage turned out to be untrustworthy, plotting some sort of destructive scheme in secret. A concerned Knight-Errant officer caught wind of the scheme's vague outlines and hired a team of runners to retrieve the card.


In a noodle shop that sold sub-par noodles and tried to make up for it by appealing to weebs, the team met with a Knight-Errant officer who struggled to explain the stakes. He said his bosses didn't realize the danger of the situation, and it was up to him to hire shadowrunners to get it done. Queen and Purkinje determined from their knowledge of magic theory that the Yu-Gi-Oh card may act as some sort of a focus for a Chaos mage who believed in its power. Knowing this, they tried talking the officer into more money; while he was unable to pony up additional funds, he did offer to have some stuff from the evidence locker go missing. The team agreed to these terms.


After searching the matrix for a few hours, Queen and Purkinje determined the mage they were looking for was actually part of an underground ring of high-stakes Yu-Gi-Oh duelists who collected the souls and organs of victims who were lured in by the promise of prize money. Purkinje called up a number she found and pretended to be a duelist interested in the prizes, and she was given an address to go to for a meet.

Once there, the team scouted the area. They spotted a cyberdeck, but no sign of the mage. Purkinje hacked into the deck and pulled all of its files for contact info, then used the files to spot the mage's commlink icon. However, she utterly failed to hack it, setting off a cascade of very quick, aggressive actions before she was able to react that resulted in her nearly dying from biofeedback damage. She was able to trace the commlink and go offline before dying, though.

Decoy had his Roadmaster smash through the wall of the bar that the blood mage was hiding out in, which was also full of ghouls. The ghouls were unable to penetrate the Roadmaster's defenses, and Decoy managed to grab the mage and abduct him before they could land a hit. The mage turned out to be a blood mage, and he cast Viscera Web, causing Decoy's veins to shoot out of his body and latch onto the inner walls of the van. Decoy's pain editor and steely resolve rendered him relatively unaffected, and some bashing and intimidation coerced the mage into revealing he had the card in a deck box in his back pocket. Purkinje figured out this was a trick, however, and the deck box had an alchemical preparation on it that would do something when it was opened. She opened it without touching the trigger and retrieved the card.


The KE officer was happy to learn that the card was in safe hands, but he was very upset that Purkinje took it out of the packaging to avoid being hurt by the alchemical preparation. He still payed what he promised.


  • 2,000¥
  • 9 karma OR up to 36,000¥ of gear of no more than availability 12 that might be found in a police evidence lockup (4,000¥ per 1 karma exchanged)
  • +1 faction rep, Knight-Errant

Player After-Action Reports

Purkinje's Report

Ah, I remember this one. This is the one time I almost died in cybercombat, and it happened so quickly it made my head spin. Here's the breakdown of events. I had three marks on the cyberdeck I hacked because Black Hat was taunting me that day. When the commlink hack failed, the decker happened to already be in VR and was alerted to the commlink hack immediately, was not surprised at all, and instantly sent a data spike my way that was laced with biofeedback damage. I wasn't running silent because I was outside of the commlink's auto-spotting radius and figured it wouldn't be a problem. Sometimes you get extremely unlucky. I lived though. Learned a lot of tricks about survival, and haven't taken a hit since. Fingers crossed.