A Shadowrun Based on Barefoot Surrender's Sky Burnin Red

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A Shadowrun Based on Barefoot Surrender's Sky Burnin Red
LocationGlow City, Seattle
Result Hooding. Rescue an innocent girl from the clutches of a toxic mage residing in Glow City.
Factions Involved
Casualties and losses
None Some Crazy Toxic Mage


The runners were hired to rescue a nineteen year old awakened girl who had run away from home. She had apparently been lured in and captured by a toxic mage based in Glow City, Seattle.


The Mr Johnson had been sincerely asked by the parents of the missing girl to rescue her, and due to the nature of their mentor they had been unable to say no. The Mr Johnson had not been very successful in rescuing the girl however, as they had been critically injured by a shot from one of the many roaming gangers in Glow City and had stumbled their way to The Daze as best they could.

The Meet

The runners came across Mr Johnson at The Daze. The Mr Johnson, who was dressed as a cowgirl, decided to check if they were runners when they offered to help seemingly out of the blue. But before Mr Johnson could lead them to a back room to explain what needed to be done. Hydra decided to poke Alessa P and the little pixie proceeded to scream "Square up, mother fragger!" in response, which started a ridiculous brawl between the two that mostly consisted of them flailing ineffectively at each other, but luckily Captain Freefall calmed the situation down with a short heroic speech. Once the runners actually made it to the back room, the Mr Johnson explained that they needed to go into Glow City and rescue the girl, but also make sure that they put the Mad Toxic Mage six feet under as they were obviously beyond saving anyways. The Runners agreed to do this despite there being no nuyen in it.

The Plan

The Planning was done in the amazing halls of the Crime Mall, and it mostly consisted of the runners proverbially screaming "Let's do this!" without planning anything beyond just lighting up glow city once they would get there.

The Run

Hydra and R0B0H4TZ made their way towards Glow City on a Dodge Scooter, which meant R0B0H4TZ had to hold on for dear life as Hydra drove the thing. Captain Freefall would make it to Glow City by standing and posing on top of their drone, which has hovering about thirty meters up in the air. No checkpoints bothered trying to stop the team since they were quite clearly packing heavy munitions, and had a flying posing minotaur in a superhero outfit flying alongside them.

Once they had made it into Glow City they were met by six ghouls that were eating some poor chump in the middle of the road, along with six gangers holding overwatch over the road from the surrounding apartment buildings. The Ghouls tried to charge Hydra and R0B0H4TZ, which Hydra responded to by blanketing the entire road with hot lead and "Suppressing" the ghouls by using their handy MMG. Within the blink of an eye the charging ghouls had become a red smear on the concrete. The gangers started firing wildly from the apartment buildings, but the bullets were mostly stopped by Hydra's armor. Captain Freefall jumped off their drone and heroically landed where the ghouls had been, creating a small crater in the road from the power of their fist along with their sheer mass. Hydra and R0B0H4TZ started suppressing the assailaints in the apartment buildings, but then they heard a metallic click that was followed by half of the gangers along with the apartment building on the right side of the road disappearing in a flash, leaving only rubble. Captain Freefall kept the sights of the remaining gangers focused on them while the rest of the team chased the gangers off with suppressive fire. And like that the fight was mostly over, so the team fled into the alleyways.

After spending some time healing up, they decided to charge the lair of the Toxic Magician. Captain Freefall effortlessly punched in the door, only for the team to be shocked as they found themselves face to face with an insane mage and his four nuclear spirits. Freefall heroically lead the charge, with Hydra and R0B0H4TZ in tow. The Nuclear spirits began slinging blasts of atomic fire at the team, so Captain Freefall stood their ground soaking the first two blasts with their pecs, stopped the third blast with an incredible punch, the sheer power of which sending the fourth blast veering off course and hitting a wall. Hydra took a few precision shots that knocked the mage out in an instant, but the spirits showed no sign of stopping. At this point R0B0H4TZ dashed into the fray, crying and screaming as they took aim at the unconscious magician. With plenty of hesitation R0B0H4TZ screamed as they pressed the trigger and magdumped fourty rounds of APDS into the unconscious magician, finishing off the helpless Mage. With the death of their master, the spirits returned to the astral and the danger had been officially dealt with.


Captain Freefall consoled the girl, telling her that they would take her to The Daze and make sure she was reunited with her family. Once at The Daze, the team handed the girl over to the Mr Johnson who thanked them for their help. The runners all went their separate ways after that, having made the Seattle Sprawl a slightly better place.


  • 13 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)