A Shadowrun Based on Rock Plaza Central's Anthem For The Already Defeated

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A Shadowrun Based on Rock Plaza Central's Anthem For The Already Defeated
Part of Unwanted Evolution - A Punk Rock Tour
LocationTouristville and Puyallup, Seattle
Result Retrieved musical instruments from Night Haunters and killed them
Factions Involved
Rogatty Vydra
Night Haunters
Casualties and losses
None Several Night Haunters


The Cyberware Manifesto band has a problem. They were recently ambushed and robbed in Touristville by the Night Haunters. After cutting off the hands of the musicians, the psychotic gangers proceeded to steal their instruments as trophies. The Band need those instruments back, both to continue earning their livelihood, and because they have a sentimental attachment to them. They hire a crew of Shadowrunners to solve the problem for them.


The Johnson gave the place for the meet as the Crime Mall, in Puyallup. While Vydra was able to park his Ancients tagged Suzuki Mirage without incident and make his way inside, Aureus quickly ran into problems attempting to find a park in the congested parking lot. When he finally did so, he was forced into a standoff with a pair of locals who were willing to fight over it; an ork girl and elvish man, both of whom were armed and armored. A quick message to Vydra resulted in the Russian showing up to reinforce his fellow Shadowrunner. Attempts to make the Puyallup locals back down peacefully failed, and Vydra incapacitated the ork by hitting her hard with his sledgehammer. The fight concluded with the intervention of Crime Mall guards.

After the violence in the parking lot, the pair of runners entered the mall and found their employers at the 'Enhanced in Minutes' street doc cyber-surgery clinic. Inside, the drummer of Cyberware Manifesto outlined the band's problems and the job. Aureus negotiated to up the payment from a total of 8,000 nuyen (split between pre- and post-job payments) to 8,500. The musicians gave them the location of the Night Haunters' safehouse.


The pair proceeded to the Night Haunters' safehouse in Vydra's truck, sending their other vehicles home. Once there, the two parked the vehicle and Aureus astrally projected himself, scouting the location. Finding that it appeared to be occupied only by a handful of low essence figures matching the expected signatures of the heavily augmented gang. The mage reported back to his partner that all was clear, and the two elected to simply go in through the front door and kill any resistance. Vydra proceeded to give Aureus a brief primer on the use of firearms, and loaned him an AK 98 before arming himself with a Yamaha Raiden, Osmium Mace and a ballistic shield. Thus armed, the two advanced on the targeted house and broke open the front entrance with Vydra's sledgehammer.

An alarm was triggered, alerting the runners that Knight Errant would be responding to the disturbance. The pair advanced inside over the sounds of the alarm and engaged the Night Haunters, who leaped to defend themselves. Aureus threw a pair of Manabolts and killed one Haunter by remotely detonating the fragmentation grenade at his side, while Vydra proceeded to dispatch the others one by one with his firearm and mace. With the gangers dead, the instruments were quickly found and retrieved; unfortunately having suffered surface damage in the explosion of the frag grenade.

Aureus quickly erased their astral signatures from the scene before the pair returned to the truck, Knight Errant alarm still blaring.


Cyberware Manifesto were pleased to have their instruments back when the runners returned to the Crime Mall much earlier than expected. Vydra generously waved off payment for the job, keeping only a modest amount to cover his expenses.


8,500 nuyen, 6 karma.


  • Aureus
  • Rogatty Vydra