A Sixteenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix

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A Sixteenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix
Decoy, Rabbit, Shade Halloweeners
Casualties and losses
8 Halloweener Lieutenants


Fuel Tank Exploding


"I know where the Halloweeners keep most of their flame thrower fuel. We take that off the battlefield, we remove their most fearsome weapon"

The Meet

The Johnson met with the runners in a bar as usual.

The Plan

The plan was to sneak into Halloweener territory, get to the building, get in though a window, get to where the fuel was stored, set a explosive on a remote trigger, and detonate it from a safe distance.

The Run

The run went off without a hitch exactly as planned. Runners eliminated a half dozen Halloweener lieutenants after breaching though a supply closet in the building and from there mowed and slashed their way to the basement planting a explosive grenade set to a remote detonator. Runners were then able to sneak out without being spotted and detonated the entire fuel supply and most of Halloweener territory with it.


Needless to say the Johnson was very impressed and humored by the extent of the desolation of the halloweeners and was happy to reward the runners in full.


16,000 nuyen, 3 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)