A Taste of Corruption

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A Taste of Corruption
Trash Panda
Captain Boomerang
Boom Poom


Team is hired by Renraku to steal the plans for a new Aztechnology line of soda, and sabotage their production plant.

The Meet

  • The team meets Mrs. Johnson in the woods, and is offered free soda. Trash Panda ends up drinking several cans over the entire meet, and pockets several more.
  • Team is asked to steal the plans from a safe from an Aztechnology production plant making a new line of soda. They're also offered a bonus if they can kill the QA lead, who is the lynchpin behind the project. Mrs. Johnson warns the team that they suspect the QA lead is a vampire, but could not confirm this.
  • Team agrees to the job, and when the cooler of sodas are left behind, Trash Panda takes the whole thing. She then immediately goes to a nearby awakened bar to use the bathroom and gets in a magical dick waving contest with some of the mages there by counterspelling their illusion, and casting her own better version of the illusion. She leaves with a smirk and some drain to show for it. Worth it.

The Run

  • Trash Panda does a quick astral scout of the area, and realizes to her horror that a bound blood spirit is watching the facility.
  • She checks back with the team and asks if we ever found out of the lead's SIN has a license for magic... They find this information is protected.
  • The team stakes the place out for a bit, and discusses various ideas. They resolve they want to kill the QA lead, correctly assuming he is the blood mage.
  • They decide to attack at night, to minimize civilian casualties by attacking in the period where workers won't be present. Their plan is to con their way in as far as possible and go loud as soon as the jig is up.
  • Trash Panda remains in the car, ready to project and attack as soon as she gets the signal that the team is going loud. She doesn't find the blood spirit right away, and instead heads inside the facility and finds the blood mage along with his spirit. Not wanting him to call more, Trash Panda and her spirit attack, killing the vampire in a single pass and proving that being Dual Natured is a serious disadvantage sometimes. Trash Panda spends the next few passes fighting the Blood spirit which has now gone free and berserk.
  • Meanwhile outside, the team is fighting their way into the second floor window, making use of a Gecko Climb spell. The team takes some hits from Pepper Punch, but manages to keep going.
  • Some damage is done to the equipment at one point, which dosed several guards with an unknown red liquid that seemed to cause them to just stand there in a daze.
  • When the team finished off the guards, they entered the main office, which was suspended above the floor. They found the safe had a palm scanner lock, and rather than picking it simply went down to the QA lead's body and dragged it up there to open the lock.
  • Team found the plans they were after, and discovered that the sodas were being laced with something similar to eX, to cause addiction to the soda as well as heighten enjoyment of it.
  • The facility is trashed when a grenade is used to cause the office to fall onto the rest of the equipment. Team takes their time returning, and eventually hands everything over to Mrs. Johnson.
  • A few weeks after this, Spider turns over everything to News Van Dan, for a little extra cash payout from the paydata.


  • 4 karma
  • ¥24,000 from the Johnson
  • ¥10,000 Paydata sold to News Van Dan

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dr. Boo

I've decided. Roller blades are worse than blood magic! If I see another security officer wearing roller blades I might just have to shoot him before he skates after us.

Captain Boomerang

Yeah, that guy was a pain, literally in my case. You didn't take that fragger's sword in your side. That run had something new rearing its ugly head every ten seconds. Glad we got past that drek.


Nope, NEVER AGAIN drinking Aztechnology OR Renraku soda! It's fragging BLOOD MAGIC.