A Wild Extraction

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A Wild Extraction
LocationAn Aztechnology Warehouse
Trash Panda
Casualties and losses
None Some guards


Team is hired to steal a biodrone "Cybertooth Tiger" from an Aztechnology warehouse.

The Run

  • The team is hired to steal a "Cybertooth Tiger", a biorigged great cat, from an Aztechnology facility.
  • Tanuki scouts the place out with some drones, and the guards fire a warning shot to deter him.
  • Trash Panda does astral scouting, and confirms the location of the Cybertooth Tiger on the opposite side of a mana barrier.
  • The team works out a plan to drop grenades on the far side of the warehouse (dropped from the levitate spell) to draw the guards to respond to the attack. While distracted by the feint with Tanuki firing at them from afar, Trash Panda and Stalker would sneak into the facility and turn on the wireless for the Cybertooth cat so Neko could hack it and give control to Tanuki.
  • The infiltration team is spotted quickly by spirits, and fights them off.
  • Trash Panda turns on the bio-drone, but goes down in the firefight while Neko is getting Tanuki in.
  • Tanuki starts ripping into the guards while Trash Panda is revived.
  • The team escapes with the Cybertooth Tiger, and turns it over to the Johnson.


Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Tanuki: I generally enjoy stealing new vehicles and getting to drive them. The tiger was...different. We were both hungry, both hunting, both stalking. I would not recommend the experience for anyone.

Neko: The security was a piece of cake for the Uber Duber Sugoi Master Hacker Shiron3koTM. Hacking that cyber murder tiger was an interesting task but, seeing those Azzies run in fear made it more than worth it (^-^).