A bulwark against the insects

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A bulwark against the insects
Part of enemy within
LocationTir Salem
Status Threat Level: extrem
Factions Involved
Katrin Morgentau
Ares Bugs Spirits
Bollwerk 7 Bugspirits
Casualties and losses
1 Bugspirit
IG 3 Run for Bollwerk


This is the run where Bollwerk has to take care of his princess (Katrin Morgentau) because his new archrival (Lennard Wehinger) can't get it together, but once again she gives him the cold shoulder and is absorbed in her business thing - at least until the bugs show up and Bollwerk has to play the exterminator. Ah yes and Bronson Irwin the Ares VP of Magical Research become a bug.


Katrin decides to reroute Bollwerk on his escape route out of Tír Tairngire and have him land at McNary Field in Salem, Oregon to use as a bodyguard for a business meeting with Ares for more commodity channels for GDI. Unfortunately, the VP of Magical Research with whom Katrin wants to meet is the target of an attack by Bugspirits to take him over.

The Meet

Bollwerk arrives at the airport after a call from Katrin and stands there lost in the landscape. He then decides to do what he always does when he gets bored - he looks for snacks. When he enters the terminal he can see some S-K security guards but no one he knows. So he decides to go to the snack machine and take out a bag of nuts. He is approached at the machine by Lennard Wehinger who knows his name and obviously has a detailed file on Bollwerk. After a verbal exchange of blows between the two, Bollwerk is disguised because there are probably concerns due to his recent run in the Tir. Bollwerk and Lennard can't really stand each other and somehow Bollwerk's nuts get lost and he can't eat them anymore because of his disguise.

The Plan

There was no real Plan besides what ever Information Lennard provided Bollwerk.

The Run

Katrin arrives at the airport and Bollwerk follows her to a prepared vehicle. He checks it for bombs finds some sensors and informs Katrin about it. Then he lets her get in. She delves straight into her business documents. Arriving at the destination a new Ares building Bollwerk asks Lennard for the building plans. But he can't produce any. So they check the location first. Some KE Security are present. Bollwerk lets Katrin get out and they follow a secretary who is armed with an Ares Predator 3 floors deep into the basement. Bollwerk's objection to please take the stairs is rejected. The two are taken to a meeting room and a short time later Bronson Irwin appears. The two confer for a few minutes then Bollwerk hears screams in the distance. He interrupts the meeting and looks outside where he can see some Bug Spirit hybrid forms. He orders Katrin and Irwin to go to the back of the room, and then the Bug Spirits break down the door. Bollwerk greets them with a HE grenade, which impresses them less. He tries to intercept the bugs at the entrance but one of them is able to squeeze through. Irwin turns out to be a magician and casts a spell. Katrin fires a pistol at the intruder. Bollwerk decides that he should fight the spirits with Blight and fires a Blight grenade. At least that pisses off most of the spirits and he takes the blows. But the intruder is also after Katrin and Bollwerk has to go in between and can finally take him out together with Katrin. Irwin tries to run away in the meantime. A new situation check shows that more and more Bugspirits, some armed with high tech weapons, are heading in their direction. So Bollwerk grabs Katrin and makes his way to the stairwell. Since this is locked, it is shot up with APDS ammunition. In the meantime Irwin is overpowered. A few hits later, which are fortunately stopped by Bollwerk's armor, he reaches the first floor, which is flooded with insects. At the entrance door the S-K forces fire at the door to open it. Lennard manages to shoot at Bollwerk "by mistake", but he breathes it away. Katrin and the S-K team manage to escape. Katrin refuses a rescue attempt of Irwin by Bollwerk (whether she was worried about him?).


  • Bronson Irwin is now a Bug Spirit
  • Bollwerk learned after asking if he can forward that information to the FBI that Katrin Morgentau knows Cassandra Withers
  • Lennard Wehinger and Bollwerk have some rivalry
  • No new goods for GDI


  • Katrin Morgentau Loyalty 3->4 - 4 RVP
  • Natural Athlete - 7 RVP
  • 12k nuyen - 6 RVP
  • 5 karma - 5 RVP
  • 2 CDP
  • IG 3 Discount

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I am used to a lot in terms of security from my heart lady and from my own experience I know to be her security chief is not easy but this Lennard is really a beginner, would already say mean dangerous. How can you not have the building plans where your ward goes? He also couldn't acknowledge that Katrin pulled me in because I'm just the best and prettiest. Well, the latter probably not. I have to activate my other contacts to get Lennard out of the position, I'm really worried about Katrin but she won't listen to me.