A nice walk in the woods

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A nice walk in the woods
Part of enemy within
LocationFreiburg, Black Forest Troll Republic, AGS
Status Threat Level: medium
Factions Involved
Great-Badisch Crusade
Eric Payne Boombox
Spirit Speaker
Mr. Cromwell
3xAugmented Terrorists
2xAdept Terrorists
2xMage Terrorists
1xForce 5 Fire Spirit
Casualties and losses
3xAugmented Terrorists
2xAdept Terrorists
2xMage Terrorists
1xForce 5 Fire Spirit


Mr. Cromwell hires some runners to get trust from a new Client from the Black Forest Troll Republic.The Runners manage to eliminate the threat from a small cell ot the Great-Badisch Crusade (GBC) and also find information about a replenishment facility in the Black Forest. They also make there way to this facility to than find out that the Members of the GBC are already killed by the Force of Nature after they tried to cut a tree.


The GDI would like to win a new client that has resulted from the run Pepper sack business. But the contact need a bit of trust in the GDI till he opens his wallet. So GDI offerd her to fix a Problem she have. There is a small Cell of the GBC in Freiburg which our new client wants to be wiped out. She also thinks there is evidence of a replenishment facility in the forest. The Runners should also find this information and erase the facility as well.

The Meet

The meeting will take place at Renton Hotel Harrington.All Runners get a call from there Fixer for the Meeting. Eric Payne Boombox, Saalihah, Spirit Speaker, Donnager and Grease arrive at the Hotel Harrington on time and are allowed to wait in the lobby. Donnager is kindly allowed to hide his not so legal equipment in the car from Saalihah. The team will be picked up by Alexis and taken to a luxurious conference room on the top floor of the hotel. There Mr. Cromwell is waiting for the team. He greets the runners, especially Eric Payne Boombox whom he knows from his last assignment. He explains that she was able to win a new customer with her last order, but he needs a little extra trust before opening his wallet. He therefore offered to remove a problem for the customer. The customer would like to see a cell of the GBC in Freiburg destroyed. He is also convinced that there is evidence there for a GBC supply facility in the Black Forest. These hints should also be found and the facility should be switched off. Mr. Cromwell offers the runners a payment of 10.00 nuyen or, alternatively, access to goods from their organization. Mr. Cromwell then switches Mrs. Stahl to the conference, who appears as Aro in the conference room. Mrs. Stahl is a troll. She explains the order to the runners again from her point of view and concludes that they should give her a signal before they start something in Freiburg so that they can distract the Trollwehr stationed there. Otherwise the action could be very dangerous. It also gives the runners the exact position of the GBC Celle with the information that they have probably set up a headquarters in the sewer system under the residential building shown. The residential building is in a zone in Freiburg in which driving vehicles is prohibited. To get there you have to walk about a minute.

After the meet-in, the runners will be flown by Kevin, their personal pilot, via Sea-Tac Side Terminal "Number Sixteen" to Herten near the Swiss border. There they are provided with a GMC Bulldog, which Grease immediately takes over as the driver and sets off for Freiburg.

The Plan

The team decides to drive on site and first of all to scout out the building and the cellar. To do this, Grease parks the GMC Bulldog as close as possible to the building. Nevertheless, it is still about a minute's walk. Nearby, the runners also discover about 12 trolls from the Trollwehr who are just passing the time.

Spirit Speaker switches to the astral space and begins exploring it. He finds the residential building and comes across a breakthrough in the wall in the basement that leads to a large steel door via a makeshift staircase. The area is protected by a manabarry. So Spirit Speaker decides to return to the group and report first.

Grease then starts one of their micro-drones to scout the building. She discovers a ventilation slot that leads into the system and ends in a room with large pumps and an ancient generator. She follows the cables of the generator but doesn't get any further because the path is blocked by a steel door and there is no way even for her micro-drone to get through. So she decides to play around with the generator a little until it fails and a guard looks for the right. The guard switches the Generator on again but cannot detect the drone and then leaves the room again which Grease uses to follow him. The drone then provides a detailed sketch of the system as well as the position of any information on the replenishment facility in the forest. Grease hides the drone in the facility because she can no longer fly out with it.

The team is getting ready to storm the facility.

The Run

Eric Payne Boombox, Saalihah and Donnager sneak inconspicuously through Freiburg's pedestrian zone made for trolls and Spirit Speaker follows them in the astral space. Grease jumps into their armed rotary drone and also unaffectedly follows the group to the residential building. The team penetrates the unlit cellar and just in time discovers two cameras on the ceiling in front of the access to the sewer system. The cameras are quickly eliminated by [Saalihah]] with her bow. The group enters the facility via the makeshift staircase and Spirit Speaker slips through the manabarier with his watcher. By switching off the cameras, the terrorists were warned and a fight ensued.

Grease 's drone and Donnager penetrate south and kill one terrorist and seriously injure a second terrorist. In the meantime, Saalihah and Spirit Speaker are fighting their way north. Saalihah is seriously injured. Spirit Speaker encounters a fire spirit in the astral space and begins to fight him. The spirit is supported by a terrorist mage. The injured guard in the south shoots a grenade from which Grease, Donnager and Eric Payne Boombox get to safety. The grenade exudes Pepper Punch. Eric Payne Boombox also decides to advance north as he is protected by his full body armor, he succeeds without any problems. Grease and Donnager take out the terrorist and another terrorist mage in the south and then head towards other team members.

Donnager eat a strong breeze of pepper punch. Together the runners succeed in overpowering the remaining terrorists. Two of the terrorists try to destroy as many documents as possible, but are stopped in time by the runners.

In order not to run into problems with the Trollwehr, Eric Payne Boombox, who is the only one who can read German, grabs all the documents that look important at first glance.

Back in the GMC bulldock and already on the way to the city exit, the documents are examined. The runners discover a map of the Black Forest in which the supposed replenishment base is drawn, as well as a root to it. Many areas of the destination are designated as danger zones. For a safe root, the team will need a day and a half hike through the Black Forest.

Due to the serious injuries of Saalihah, the runners decide to take a two-day break. Afterwards they set off for the Black Forest with survival equipment. They successfully sneak past a group of manticores halfway to the supply depot and reach the snow line at nightfall. It starts to snow and the runners spend the night in the forest, which is particularly difficult for Donnager due to his cold-bloodedness.

At night, Grease can watch a group of Fenries Wolves pass nearby. The next day the runners arrive at the supply depot. There are the corpses of several humans, some of them slain by a tree, some of them suffocated. Grease wants to climb a tree but is directly flanked by several ghosts from the country and earns evil looks. Saalihah and the other runners talk soothingly to the ghosts and explain that they have come to stop the humans. The ghosts agree that the runners can spend a few minutes here, but they should then leave the place, as they are not wanted here. The runners take a few photos to clear the supply depot and then make their way back. Here they follow their tracks in the snow and thanks to the good navigation skills of Grease and the good stealth skills of Eric Payne Boombox they can find their way back without that one of the dangers of the Black Forest becomes aware of them.


The runners return to Seattle and receive the promised reward from Mr. Crommwell. The GDI was able to win another customer.


- 10.000 Nuyen or 20.000 Nuyen in Weapons, Cyberware and Bioware up to availability 19 (5 RVP)

- 6 Karma (6 RVP)

- 4 CDP (1 RVP)

Optional: Mr. Cromwell (C6 /L 4) (9 RVP)

Optional Quality: Outdoorsman (3 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Ich liebe Freiburg! Twas a real nice money making, my armor did its job, i did my job, the forces of Nature did their job, to my surprise so we didnt even had to do as much as we thought we had to. And well i got yet another trip to the AGS. Man i should start consider maing a contract with that Cromwell, if hes asking me more often in the future to help him out, or maybe teach others a little German so they can get work too."


"It. Was. Too. Bloody. Cold. And I never got a chance to fire off my nice new gun, bloody spirits beat me to it. Apart from that, nice run. Well, any run when I get paid's good, but actually nice. And the Johnson offered to pay in 'ware, so that's a lovely new Reflex Recorder for me. Too. Bloody. Cold."

Spirit Speaker

How unfortunate that I didn't get to stay there longer. I would have been greatly interested in studying the local awakened lifeforms further, maybe seeing the astral phenomena in person. But it is how it is, I'll just have to come back one day, or project over.