Accountants Bane

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Accountants Bane
The Pharmacy without a Con!
GMBlood Librarian
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Anarchist Black Cross
CEO John Orion
Many Underlings
Casualties and losses
None Some Underlings, CEO John Orion


Psychotic Corporate Executive tries to get the one underling he could not touch kidnapped. Tries to hire runners multiple times and fails multiple times over a week. Runners proceed to ignore Aztechnology Johnson and further Black Crescent interests.


The Pharmacon building is filled with psychotic beings just waiting for an excuse to murdering each other. Chief Executive Officer John Orion was given a task and a person to dote on, and he hated every moment of it. When normal methodologies wouldn't provide answers, and his trusted Johnson was fired, he had no choice but to take matters to his own hands.

The Meet

The Actual Helicopter Meet

Runner team was invited to meet the Johnson at a local stuffer shack in the Redmond Barrens. The Johnson parked his helicopter on top of said stuffer shack, and had his goons holding up the place while a lone KE car was parked outside trying to figure out what was going on. Pulse did not even attempt to enter the AO and drove off. Pulse attended the meeting through a commlink connection to Drokhan. the rest of the runner team more or less managed to climb their way onto the top of the stuffer shack and find the Johnson, wigged out on hardcore drugs and passed out and leaning on one of his bodyguards. This basically set the tone for the "Mr Johnson" aka John Orion's meet with the shadowrunners. The negotiations began after he was resuscitated and the helicopter was 10,000 feet in the air. morale was incredibly low. The Johnson attempted to hire the runners to kidnap some accountant from his building. Pay was too low, and trust was not given, and it didn't work out. Someone shot a missile at the helicopter and Mr. Johnson ordered the helicopter to land. Bunny ordered her air spirit to try and get her out of the helicopter, but the door was locked and the spirit was too weak to open the door. Basically everyone thought they were gonna die at this point until the ground met the helicopter and the Johnson ordered the runners to get off his helicopter and he left them in the middle of some field in the Redmond Barrens. Sad! Poor Posture on the Johnsons part, it would ricochet severely on his figures report.

The not Helicopter Meet

A week passes by. Mr. J is deadset on getting a team of runners to kidnap this guy. Stock prices are going up. knives are glinting. It is basically known that this guy is a pariah in the shadow running community. Aztechnology Johnson Tlalocan just kind of casually tries to contact the team without hiding the fact that they are representative of the evil blood corporation that Pulse really hates. The meet with this guy doesn't even get off the ground. Shortly afterwards, Messner Vukotic contacts this runner team with a hit on this place, because the guy is actively creating a security hole inside his corporation, and sets up a hit on this guy to recover some samples of a medicine they recreated from Aztechnology stock. The meet goes well in the E-wasted matrix host. Team was hired to recover samples of the medication in the various stages of processing.

The Plan

The Shadowrunning team investigated the host, gathered the data and assensed the surrounding area. they find out the nature of OPFOR, the true nature of the accountant Jacques Mercer and why the CEO wanted him dead, as well as several possibilities on infiltrating into the building.

Then they kind of just found some abandoned and sealed evacuation route from a time when they were handling very flammable bio-material, and resolved to break in through that.

The Run

Runners encounter the B-Team gang, a go-gang that was mostly deafened from firing their machineguns from their salvaged tracked vehicles that utilize abandoned metro. They met up with Sectional column Leader Omicron Persecutor, exchanged a 500 nuyen "priceless" steam locomotive model and were allowed passage through their turf, on the condition that they did not complain when they have to walk and were accompanied by a guy to make sure that afterwards the wall would be sealed so that they wouldn't get screwed over.

Runners Drokhan, Lucky and Bunny entered the underground area. They snuck around a bunch of blind idiot corposec. they went into the secondary processing facility for the medication samples and got spotted by some corposec thug that wanted money to not tattle on the runners, as well as the two scientists managing the bio-fab machines. Pulse squelched them all. the runner team downed and later stabalised the security officer and knocked out one of the scientists who tired to pull up a taser then spread the commlinks across the room and used the remaining scientist to safely acquire 2 of the required 3 samples. They move to the primary processing room and did not get jumped by a water spirit or cause enough suspicion to have the actual dozen guys in a near by room pop out and try to murder them.

During this time, Pulse left the industrial nested host, and caused a distraction through the CEO's office and the turrets there. This indirectly kills two people.

The runners enter the primary facility, Drokhan pushes up a lockdown shutter and rehooks it to the drop mechanism, which does not drop it again. Pulse hacks the door open, and a tense stand off occurs between the Head of Security Deringer Bara and the runner team. Until the runner team sort of just opens the door and rush him. He throws a fragmentation grenade, and is sent unconscious by the concentrated application of bullets. The grenade seriously wounds the scientist accompanying the runner team, who is written off as dead instantly. John Orion hid in a locker during ensuing combat, and """""bravely"""" refused being tortured and organ legged by vermin, and took his own life. Runners acquired another scientist, used the guy as a glorified door opener after calming him down enough to work and abandoned him to exfil out the way they came. Bunny sealed the entrance with an earth spirit, and the returned to Messner to get paid.


Runners got paid.

Jacques Mercer continued working for a shitty company whose CEO tried to plot his death, unknowing and ignorant of this fact until it fell apart.

Deringer Bara got crippled for life, and ultimately begins a downward spiral that leads him into living in an alley with only one shoe to his name.

Messner Vukotic got what he wanted.

CHALLENGER, one of the spiders had [his contract ended] by a coworker with a pair of scissors the next day, and his body hidden in a maintenance closet for several days.


Accountants Bane (Overtime multiplier 15-->16) 16 RVP

8 RVP can be converted into cash (16,000) or drugs (32,000) into gear prices. 8 Karma 2 CDP Can turn 5 RVP worth of rewards or 10 CDP to get Messner Vukotic at 2 loyalty

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So uh yeah. The helicopter ride was disappointing. Next time I'm gonna go with my gut and just do what Pulse did and drive on by a meet that just gives me the heebie-jeebies. I really did not like being trapped in a helicopter with a high idiot and only slightly less dumb-ass goons. Who knew that the B-Team were so cool though? Anyway, Stoney did well for us today, and I think that I did a good job that will make my rep better. Plus I got to do a favour for Mister Vuk -and- get paid for it. I really should try to figure out what to spend the money on. Maybe not a 5k commlink that hates me as much as everything else does tech wise, this time.