Agassou's Blessing

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Agassou's Blessing
Part of Orichalcum Traitors
LocationThe Ocean
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Disloyal Mercenaries
Glamor Astrid
Casualties and losses
Park, Keith, Jake
Glamor crafted a Force 5 Weapon Focus, Agassou's Blessing


Glamor is hired to safeguard a shipment of radical copper, cinnabar, and gold reagents. However, the people she's working with want the shipment for themselves and try to eliminate her to get it.


Radical copper, cinnabar, and gold reagents can be used to craft orichalcum.

The Meet

In the middle of the night Glamor is called by her fixer, Sharog who needs a magic specialist last-minute to safeguard a secret shipment. For her services, she is promised a portion of the shipment. Sharog flies Glamor to a fishing trawler via helicopter in the middle of the night, where she meets Astrid, Park, Keith, and Jake. During this time, she is sustaining Increase Reflexes, Detect Object [Footwear] [Extended], and Combat Sense.

The Plan

After being aboard ship for a while and having some bound spirits provide overwatch, Glamor spots a spirit watching the ship. She asks one of her spirits to Astrally Track where the spirit's master is, which leads back to the trawler... and to Park (who is banshee masking as mundane)! Park immediately informs Astrid and the others that he was made, and Astrid orders him to kill Glamor.

The Run

Astrid runs up the steps to shoot at Glamor, while Park engages in Astral combat against 3 of Glamor's bound spirits. Keith and Jake first try to provide suppressive fire for Park in the galley to help him fight an invisible opponent (who is really astral), and then run up the stairs to assist Astrid. Astrid is full-autoing Glamor, who uses some mind magic to get her to throw the weapon over into the ocean. Then she casts an enormous Ice Storm above-deck, causing Astrid, Jake, and Keith to slip and fall. Keith and Jake are eliminated, though Astrid falls off the ship and climbs back aboard. Meanwhile, Park and his spirit have disrupted two of Glamor's spirits before two hits brings him down. Glamor attempts to use Gravity Well on Astrid, which doesn't work, then she uses more mind magic to get her off the ship (though her last called spirit is also disrupted). Too far from the ship at this point and not buoyant, Astrid runs back to shore underwater using a respirator.


Astrid is alive, though when called Sharog seemed to know that the mercenaries would turn traitor. Perhaps this FLR who hates mind mages will show up in the future...


10 drams of radical copper 10 drams of radical cinnabar 10 drams of radical gold 2 CDP

(Run rewards were extended with 36 GMP)

The reagents were then turned into orichalcum and then used to craft a force 5 weapon focus.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I'm a little unsettled to be put into a situation where others knew I might be betrayed and not be given a warning. This... was not my preferred style of job, either. Social influence is more my style. However, the pay was quite nice. This new spear should help immensely.