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Druid Wastelander from the S.O.X
"The world is strange...Sometime i wonder which part of it is sullied..."
DiscordZerre de Seattle #7414
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.17th of Febuary 2061
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E
#Max IGs/Ascension1

Character Information


A druid from the S.O.X she is an anomaly, a young soul, she doesn't understand the world around her and try to find her mark somewhere. The people who brought her out of the wasteland have disappear and now she walk her path steadily.


-Protect Wilderness at all cost

-Learn about the new world

-Get back to her tribe in the S.O.X

-Develop her bond with the Magic following guidance of her mentor.


In the radioactive mist of the S.O.X where people doesn't understand many concept of the 6th World, some people tend to have special belief. Astrid was born in the heart of those belief, in the ashe of the Fifth World, where the understanding of magic, metahumanity and everything else was scarce or non existant. She was somehow was of those lucky few who didn't born with malformation due to the radioactive environnement, the elders of her tribe deemed her birth blessed and she had the luck to have a pretty nice childhood by the S.O.X standard, love from her parents, not so tainted water and food and overall security for the tribe who had not to face attack from either the ghouls, the toxic or the corporation.

At the age of twelve, Astrid had to pick a role in the tribe, she was deemed worthy of getting to help the numerous hunters in search of wild animal, pretty effective on the first time she did the job, one day however things change and she met a Rock Piercer (Mutated Boar of the S.O.X) that charged at her in full force. While a regular teenager would have die, it was not Astrid's case as she was one those with latent magic only waiting for the opportunity to be unleashed. She survived the encounter and started to hear some voice in her head, the spirit of the boar free of his body, offering guidance on how to protect from the radiation.

This change bringed a ruckus in Astrid's tribe, mage being pretty rare no one really knew what to do, but the spirit she was hearing offered guidance again. Telling her they were some others like her farther in the S.O.X. With a few tribesman she left her loved one and went on the trip, a difficult one as the more radioactive zone were dangerous to go through, eventually she met with some of those S.O.X mage, some of the rare not toxic those trying to clean what they can. She learned with them and after about a decade of learning decided it was time to go back to her tribe.

On the way back though thing went wild, she got attacked by ghouls and was only saved by some foreigner, wearing the same clothing as the guard of the Wall. Those were not guard from the MET2000 but runners, concerned to see a wandering mage in a toxic wasteland, they offered to get her out of the S.O.X, Astrid refused arguing that she had a tribe to protect, but the runners though of some madness and decided to sedate her.

Next time she open her eyes she away from the S.O.X in "La Zone" near Paris, discovering how much the world outside the wall was different. While pissed off at the runners who got her out, she hadn't much to do as getting back to the S.O.X wasn't possible, she accepted to follow them back to where they came from a town over the sea in the "What is left of the United States of America", Seattle.

Sadly though, the runner team that helped her was caught and killed soon after her arrival in Seattle, holding a small house in the SSC wilderness and some contact of her benefactors she is now lost and abandonned, trying to find a way in this strange world where she don't really belong.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Survivalist (Outdoorsman, Common Sense, Rad Tolerant) : Astrid lived her whole life in the S.O.X a place that one could argue as one of the most dangerous place to live in. She know how to survive, hunt and do a lot of thing on her own. She is also more resilient to radiation and developped an instinct about the good choice to continue to survive.

Druidic Bond (Mentor Spirit Boar, Home Ground You know a guy, Animal Empathy) : The druid live in the SSC and managed to make friend with most of the shaman that live in the surrounding wilderness of her home, she is known due to her ability to make friend with wild animal and even paracritter.

Sixth Sense (Sense of Direction, Perfect Time, Perceptive) : She never lose track of time or her general location. Old habit from a wastelander and maybe the brain being wired that way.


Distinctive Style : She wear homemade clothing that she picked from her tribe, made from cloth, reinforced leather. Astrid always keep most of her thing on her, have no actual understanding of the High-Fashion utility and keep the habit of using the face paint of her tribes.

From the Fifth World (Illiterate, Uneducated) : The S.O.X is very particular, even if she had been traugth some thing here and there, Astrid is oblivious to most concept of the Fifth World, even her own magic gift. People who have a specific metatype are just people who have been exposed to radiation, the technology is weird and she isn't really able to read anything that is not written in the weird lingo of the S.O.X

Naïve Butterfly (One born every minutes, Lack of Focus) : Being very curious sometime Astrid will stop doing what she need to do to pursue the acquisition of knowledge. People often use those levers against her and she doesn't really realised it, until it is too late.

Phobia (Moderate to Crowd) : Astrid use to live in a very secluded community, seeing hundred or thousand of people walking around get her really nervous and affraid.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
ZugzwangSarcarianTwo Steps Ahead2 February 2084
The Call of the MonolithSarcarianThe Arrival31 January 2084
Beneath the Silver MoonSarcarian23 January 2084



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Rodney Goodman 4 3 Fixer Bartender Alcohol Master, Meeting Ground, Arms smuggling, Corporative Connection, Safehouse knowledge Even
Eithne Cyneras 5 1 Gear Black Market Talismonger Magical Vendor, Special Procurement, Black Market, Dark Ties, Tir Native, Express Order, Priority Order, Elite Clientele, My Assistant will Take Your Order, Ancient Ties Even
Clyde 2 3 Service Taxi Driver Sports Fan, Druggie, Taxi Driver Even
Argent 1 2 Fixer Street-level Fixer Silver Tongue, Elven Blood Even
Lord Emberrage 5 1 Service Force 12 Fire Spirit BY FIRE BE PURGED !, THE INFIDELS !, DIE INSECTS !, Old Spirit, FEAR MY WRATH !, FACE MY MINIONS !, The Smith Even
Amelia Novak 1 3 Service Urban Primitive The Beast Within, Use Every Part Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 No result found here ?
3 No result found here as well...
6 One could dig some old post on a runners matrix salon speaking of a weird mage being picked up in the S.O.X that kinda fit Astrid ?

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 A weird mage from France.
3 She is from France, Druidic Tradition, mostly known for being a weirdo.
5 Actually a tribal from the S.O.X she has very little knowledge of the 6th World and her benefactors got killed.


Rachel Smith (R4 UCAS) with mage licence


A beautiful women with brown hair, she is skinny as food was sometime scarce for her tribe. While she is charming she also sport some little scars of the harsh life in the S.O.X, bodypainting are usual use for her, especially the mark on her face.

No make-up, no perfume, she usually carry the smell of the forest and blood.


Homemade from her tribes, very practical design with reinforced leather. She usually wear like three or four layer of clothing plus leather jacket and reinforcement. She also keep a fur cloak most of the time as some kind of raincoat.

Matrix Persona

The basic personna of the model of Commink she is using.

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