All In A Daze Work

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All In A Daze Work
Part of Shadow Heroes
LocationThe Daze/Downtown
Result The team destroyed explosives and poisons that Agent Orange was trying to move
Factions Involved
Good Boy
Neo Assembly
Agent Orange


The team rescued Alessa P and stopped Agent Orange for a short bit.


Agent Orange is growing paranoid, and has started seeking the names of powerful runners to try and take them out so they can't take him out. After discovering Alessa P is actually a well connected fixer, he started getting people to harass her for names.

After she refused to talk, he hired Yakuza to kidnap her, but she sent off an emergency broadcast to Shadowhaven before they could do anything.

The Meet

After taking out all the thugs at the club, Alessa directed the team to take out whoever was sending people. She had no info to offer, but she did have money.

The Plan

The team scouted the building and discovered a vault that had explosive residue on it. They decided to Mob Mind the low level thugs to stay still while they flooded the building with Pepper Punch. After that, they hacked the vault open to discover a huge stash of explosives and gas bombs.

The Run

The team succeeded with their plan, but the decker got hit by convergence and had to sit the rest out.

After setting the bombs to explode, Agent Orange made contact with the team, but since he couldn't do anything, he fired off a few grenades at the team in a attempt to take them out, and then fled before the building went up.


The building went up in fire and gas, luckily the surrounding buildings were vacant, so very little collateral damage happened.


8000 nuyen | 10 karma | +1 Street cred | +1 faction rep The Daze

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I might need to get myself some special weaponry. I was taking aim on this piece of drek planning on sending him to whatever sorry place he crawled from when this spirit sets him and the damn concrete on fire. Didn't stand a chance, i don't care for the corpse but that's a painful way to go and i have no plans to follow his example. The rest of the run required a little bit of stealth and tact to eliminate the enemy which left us with an explosive payload. Deciding none of us were willing to burn our sin on fencing this stuff or having it be used by whoever owns these guys. One hell of a bang though.


Not gonna lie being hit by GOD sucked but I lived got away and was paid, so I can't complain too badly though that Agent Orange guy is a total weirdo I could have avoided meeting.