Neo Assembly

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Neo Assembly
TypeSuper Villains
Player May JoinNo
Area of OperationUnknown

Faction Information

The Neo Assembly traces its roots back to NeoNet buying their custody contracts off of Lone Star. NeoNet then performed experiments on them, installing highly specialized prototype cyberware, bioware, generic augmentations, and nanoware. They were to be used as expendable test subjects to create a proof of concept for the next generation of super soldiers for NeoNet's Elite HTR teams. It is unclear if any of them suffered from CFD, but the experimentation alone caused them all to snap in a way. The fall of NeoNet left them abandoned, and they have finally broken out of their building and have begun a crime spree.


  • Revenge against a society that allowed them to suffer their fate.
  • Increase their numbers.
  • Take down the City Watch.

Major Locations



Name Archtype Status Description
System Crash Decker Captured
Held in Watchouse Containment
System Crash is a corpulent human who is a skilled hacker. He has a cyberdeck implanted in such a way that its removal would kill him. NeoNet was attempting to create a way to allow a mundane decker to at least mimic some of the abilities of a technomancer, but these experiments were largely a failure. Still, he does appear to have extraordinary abilities on the matrix.
Agent Orange Poisoner
Street Sam
Held in Watchouse Containment
Agent Orange is a man who was originally convicted for attempting to lace the Seattle water supply with a deadly toxin. His obsession with poisons has become fanatical, and he exclusively uses them in combat. Gas guns, Dart guns, Gas Grenades, if it can deliver a toxin he is using it. His battle suit is an armored Orange hazmat suit, and his cyberlimbs are rigged to dispense toxins in various forms with implanted weapons. Even when exposed, he appears often unaffected by his own toxins, suggesting either some kind of immunity, or additional cyber to filter the toxins from his own system.
Skullboy Necro Mage Captured
Held in Watchouse Containment
Loyal Butler to Alice Patterson "Hellraiser." Johnathan Kilroy grew up side by side with Alice as a butler to the Patterson Estate. Having an affinity for magic also Alice taught him Necro magic along side herself. He only knows loyalty to her and will gladly follow her into the abyss (MAG 8)
Hellraiser Necro Mage Captured
Held in Watchouse Containment
Hellraiser "Alice Patterson" ex debutante to the Patterson estate, After witnessing the death of her parents and leaving her cripple at a young age she became obsessed with the study of resurrection and necro magic. Believing one day she may bring her parents back to her. Her sense of reality became twisted to the point where she believes that true life is what comes after and the necro spirits help guide those there. (MAG 10)



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
All In A Daze WorkmudgeShadow Heroes12 April 2081
It's A GasTeksuraShadow Heroes4 April 2081
Calling All Heroes! HellraiserDocMcGuffinShadow Heroes4 March 2081
CALLING ALL HEROES: The Horror Before ChristmasDocMcGuffinShadow Heroes23 December 2080
FOR JUSTICETeksuraShadow Heroes8 December 2080