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Part of Shadow Heroes
System Crash


A chance encounter causes heroic runners to encounter Bold, who turns to them for help.

The Chance Encounter

Mild mannered reporter Steve Streamer is walking through the streets of Tacoma, and happens upon a robbery at a story owned by a horizon subsidiary. He dashes into an alley, and changes into CAPTAIN FREEFALL. Eyes and Mynx hear the gunfire, and step in to assist following CAPTAIN FREEFALL's inspiring lead.

The fight is going well, Eyes takes out one robber with APDS and the robbers focus on taking down his drones. In the second round, Bold appears, and mistakes CAPTAIN FREEFALL for a villain, and attacks him. CAPTAIN FREEFALL responds with a counterattack interrupt, getting a tie. Their fists meet in the middle and the attack turns into an EPIC FISTBUMP OF JUSTICE. They quickly clear up the mistaken identity, and finish the fight. CAPTAIN FREEFALL and Minx help to heal the wounded robber, and Bold thanks the team for their help, and invited them to his lair to discuss a problem he could use their help with.

The City Watch Secret Lair (The Watch House)

Guarded by a Redneck with a shotgun, the City Watch secret hideout is hidden under a dumpy looking shack in Puyallup. A hidden elevator in the center of the shack descends into a high end underground base. There is obviously some serious money backing them. Bold introduces his companions, the female Elf aspected summoner Screamer, and the human rigger Jammer. Jammer helps to repair the drones that eyes lost in the fight before, and reveals he is still suffering from an old wound. He doesn't go out into the field much anymore unless he is jumped into a drone. As this is happening, Bold explains the problem.

As it turned out, prior to its fall, NeoNet was doing some very questionable experiments on various criminals. They installed various suites of specialized cyberware and bioware including highly experimental nanoware into the criminals. The idea being they were to become the prototypes next generation of super-soldiers for the corp’s elite HTR teams, but all of that fell apart when NeoNet collapsed. From what the City Watch has been able to learn, over the course of the corps picking up the scraps of NeoNet, the facility that housed them was forgotten. They believe after the criminals broke out of their containment cells, they were content just staying there as there was ample food, water, supplies and entertainment to satisfy them. But they appear to have left that facility now. Possibly because they ran out of food, possibly because they were bored. Who knows.

They are now calling themselves the Neo Assembly, and are causing a great deal of trouble in our fair metroplex.

Regrettably though, the Neo Assembly have somehow been able to track the City Watch’s movements, and are able to escape before they can close in. There is a great deal of disagreement between the members as to HOW they are doing this, but Bold is firm in his belief that their hacker system Crash is a key element. They believe they know his location, and have called upon a reserve member with expertise in scouting and recon to check the site out, without bringing her gear, just in case it was trackable. The team is asked to assist, and bring System Crash in.

They are provided a location in Hell's Kitchen, and a map showing a safe path through the lava flows, whose annotations get progressively more and more frustrated as it goes along.

The Mission

The team makes it to the site with little trouble, and finds the facility surrounded by a moat of acidic water. CAPTAIN FREEFALL jumps the moat, and smashes through a wall. Eyes jumps into his drones, and Mynx levitates across. The team starts searching the facility, and finally gets a clue when they hear the roof opening up. They encounter a small set of turrets, which try attacking them with pepper punch spray, but are quickly dispatched. Mynx deals with the nausea effects with her Detox spell.

When they break through the door, they find System Crash, an overweight human decker who is mostly specced out for cyberspace combat, not meatspace combat. He climbs into a Dustoff and attempts an escape, but CAPTAIN FREEFALL leaps into the air and grabs the drone, holding it down. The Dustoff can easily lift either CAPTAIN FREEFALL or the corpulent man, but not both.

System Crash shouts to the team that they will kill them all, and desperate to be free warns them of the bomb that will go off soon. The team evacuates just in time, allowing system Crash to fly off... With eyes in hot pursuit. system Crash attempts a dataspike on Eye's drones, but just barely fails (tie), and Eyes shoots him down with Stick and Shock rounds. System Crash's drone crash lands in a boiling mud pit. the team gathers around the slowly sinking drone, and Mynx casts levitate to lift it out. system Crash is detained, and put in a sleeper hold to knock him out until he can be properly contained. He is brought back to The Watchhouse, where a new containment facility has been installed.


  • Gain Bold as a 2/3 Contact
  • Gain 2 ranks in the interest knowledge skill Vigilantes
  • +2 Rep with The City Watch
  • 4 Karma for CAPTAIN FREEFALL & Mynx
  • Eyes gains 1 Karma, and a Dustoff scavenged from System Crash

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It was pretty fun to tease those robbers at the store. The looks on their faces were priceless while Captain Freefall used the opportunity to take them down. As for the facility we broke into, I got struck by a pepper punch spray, but luckily I was able to get rid of its effects before things turned south in the run. It's a good thing I knew how to levitate things, otherwise the sinking drone might have been tricky to deal with.