Calling All Heroes! Hellraiser

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Calling All Heroes! Hellraiser
Part of Shadow Heroes
LocationSeattle(Puyallup), UCAS
Factions Involved
Black Bunny
Raccoon Girl
Neo Assembly
4 Corpse Spirits
Casualties and losses
none Skullboy(incapacitated), Hellraiser(incapacitated), and all Corpse Spirits


The gang beats up a couple of necromancers.


During the events of the holiday season, Bold and the heroes of the City Watch, along with support from the runners of the Haven, put down a wave of corpse cadavers that arose in downtown Tacoma during a group of violent riots. While the shadowrunners completed their mission of saving the VIP, Bold caught a glimpse of a man wearing a skull mask, however, the suspect fled the scene before he could be arrested. Following the events of that night, Bold tracked the man in the skull mask down and eventually ascertained three locations that he could be based on past activities and habits.

The Meet

Bold assembled a team of runners and had them meet at the Watch House, where he briefed them on the situation at hand and possible locations of the enemy. It was reveled that the runners would have the job of ascertaining the presence of any threats at the three locations (a morgue, a graveyard, and a network of catacombs) and apprehending any metahumans involved in villainous activity therein before they strike again. Bold also took care to emphasize that it was extremely likely that, if the runners chose the wrong location, the villain could be alerted to their presence and could make their escape if the guess was incorrect.

The Plan

The runners decided to check each location one by one to make sure they would be picking the right site to breach, first by checking in with Esper's contacts, Amelie and Jean-Baptiste, and asked if any of their associates had seen any activity at the morgue. Esper was told that the morgue had no activity within the last week and that it would be watched for the duration of the run, so the runners went to check out the graveyard as it was deemed a "stereotypical" spot for villainy.

The Run

Upon arrival, the graveyard seemed relatively quiet, however, Raccoon Girl's (Trash Panda) clever use of the Spatial Sense spell allowed her to see that 5 of the graves were instead covers for holes descending straight downwards into the deep earth beneath the land. Further magical investigation by Esper and Raccoon Girl revealed that 28 necro spirits of varying types were milling about beneath the graveyard, however, no humanoids were present at or near the site.

The runners then made their way to the chapel which houses the catacombs, where they found a camera watching the inside of the facility, which was dismantled and looped by Raccoon Girl. Use of Spatial Sense and careful investigation unearthed a hidden door, concealed behind a large statue, leading downwards to the catacombs as well as a tunnel heading in the direction of the graveyard.

Figuring that it couldn't hurt to try, the runners followed the tunnels from the surface, through liberal use of Spatial Sense, to an active industrial meat processing facility which had a large chamber underneath it and tunnels running towards each of the suspect sites. Continued magical surveillance uncovered that the facility was home to living, working metahumans, which the runners snuck past, and a pair of unknown humanoid life signs below. Finding the tunnel was accomplished via Spatial Sense and the climb down was uneventful. The runners then opened the door at the end of the passageway, revealing a large circular chamber in which were the two humanoids, one a man in a skull mask kneeling on the floor (subject designated: Skullboy) praying to or casting a spell on a woman in a wheelchair (subject designated: Hellraiser) residing in the center of a ritualistic circle of some kind while two corpse spirits roamed the room around them all of which were surrounded by a F9 magical lodge. The team then put in place a physical mana barrier on the door, to prevent the passage of the spirits, and coordinated the grabbing of the woman and the casting of a control thoughts spell on the man.

At this point, the team burst through the door, executing their plan to drag the woman towards the door via a grappling hook, but, much to their surprise, a ritual was not taking place and neither participant was forced to take stun damage. Both humanoids were incapacitated through the combined efforts of Rasputin, Granuaile, and Kani while Raccoon Girl jumped into the fray with the spirits and Esper messed with targets while simultaneously protecting her allies. Upon assensing, individuals were hostile necro mages (magic 7 and magic 10), although, due to their now incapacitated nature, were unable to answer questions as to their purpose and plans just yet.


The runners informed the City Watch of the situation and the spirits in the tunnels, which were eradicated through the efforts of the City Watch members, and the two villains were safely sealed away at the Watch House to be interrogated and judged for their crimes.


  • Bold as a 2/2 contact (or an extra 6 CDP if you already have him)
  • 13 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Was fun experience. Not really fan of using "less-than-lethal" "bullets," but was ok for job. Two necromancers were trying their bullshit on me, I zapped the shit out of those idiots. For all their magical finger wiggling, they couldn't take on my good old AK.


Enhanced awareness was key on this one. I am encouraged to see the use of such psionic potential for clever purposes.