All Out of Ordo

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All Out of Ordo
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ordo Maximus Vampire Hunter
Rabbit Banshee Mage
Vampire Hunter
Casualties and losses
All All


Rabbit learns that her little sister has been kidnapped by the Ordo Maximus, a secret society of infected with a number of nefarious plots. She saves her sister, double-crosses them, and blows a mansion up.


Rabbit has once before been coerced into working for the Seattle branch of the Ordo Maximus, although that time she managed to convince them she hadn't gotten the team of infected they'd given her killed on purpose.

The Meet

Rabbit returns home to find her sister gone and a live feed showing that she's still alive. She goes to the meet, and learns her task - take out a particularly bothersome vampire hunter. She agrees for the moment, though she uses her matrix skills to locate her sister and begins to plan a rescue operation...

The Plan

Betray evil wizard banshee lady, check out vampire hunter (if he's a dick, kill him too), etc.

The Run

Rabbit tracks down the hunter to a wealthy area. She talks with him, and though they have a tense standoff, they agree to attack the mansion where Rabbit's sister is being held together - because it's also where his target is. Rabbit infiltrates ahead, planting explosives - including on a very large fuel reserve. The Hunter make the assault, and Rabbit kills Ms. Johnson by using her harmonious reflection to hit her with her own sunbeam. Then she saves her sister, and seeing that the Hunter is dying - fatally wounded by the ghoul ninjas used as security - she sets off the charges and blows the entire mansion headquarters into a very large fireball.


The Ordo Maximus does get rid of the Hunter in question, but fails to acquire the real asset they were looking for - Rabbit - and loses a member and numerous minions, along with a very expensive mansion.


  • -30 Ordo Maximus Rep
  • 10% off IG
  • 14 karma
  • 6 CDP total (including the 2 free)

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