Amur Manchurian

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Amur Manchurian
Face/Support mage
MetatypeShapeshifter (Pantherine)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.March 13 2075
Metatype - B
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - D
Resources - E

Character Information


Amur was raised as a kitten by Dr. Helmund Matsuda, a disgraced bioengineer formerly working at Aztec corp. He was the result of an illicit breeding program that had been running for years, to try to understand what gave some animals the power to shift into humans, while genetically indistinguishable animals did not. The project started 22 years ago with two captured leopard shifters.

The resulting inbreeding caused most of the offspring produced by the program to die shortly after birth, some accidentally only shifting part of their bodies to a different form, resulting in horrific body explosions from parts that became undone. It was trivially easy for dr. Matsuda to fake Amur's (who luckily only suffered from albinism but was spared worse consequences from the inbreeding) death, and rescue him from a life of being experimented on.

Dr. Matsuda has been laying low for the bigger part of three years, being haunted by nightmares of what he did and what he failed to stop, while Amur grew up as an adult leopard. Only now the money is running out, and the occasional patch-up job of a runner who got himself shot isn't covering the bills.

Luckily Dr. Matsuda has heard from Alice that there are quite some lucrative jobs available, and Amur himself is itching to finally get some more action than running around doing administrative errands for the doctor (mostly working out payment plans and collecting bills (sometimes by breaking and entering)). Leopards aren't made to be cooked up.


Amur wants to free his family and stop the program. How much of himself he loses on the way doesn't matter to him. He realizes that he needs to bide his time though, and will take the slow careful route to make sure he won't end up with a silver bullet in his skull.

Amur also wants to be a movie star, he likes to be admired (he's only three and a cat! Give him a break!).

He also wants to make Dr. Matsuda proud, by helping him set up a network of influentual people who might help him to restore Dr. Matsuda's reputation as a succesful surgeon.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Biocompatibility - he and his family were specifically bred to better accept bioware.

Will to live - not regeneration, but still slightly harder to kill due to his shifter heritage

Albinism - due to the inbreeding

Allergy (Silver) - like the werewolves of legend, silver and Amur get along like water and fire.

Dependent (Nuisance) - Dr. Matsuda claims part of Amur's salary to pay his way into influential people's pockets.

Amur is slightly naive (having only three years of life experience, even though he's an adult). He works mostly on instinct. He also doesn't particularly like confined spaces.

Run History

March 23 2075: On Silent Wings. Met Fischer and The Hurricane.



Dr. Helmund Matsuda Connection 3, Loyalty 4

Alice "Pink" Herrington Connection 3, Loyalty 2

Christian Woods Connection 4, Loyalty 3

Alessa P Connection 4, Loyalty 1




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