On Silent Wings

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On Silent Wings
LocationSeattle Metroplex.
Status Resolved
Factions Involved
The Hurricane
Amur Manchurian
Ares Space Special Operations Division
TitanoShipping InC
Commanders and leaders
1 underpaid Shaman
Casualties and losses
1 Trainies spine
4 Spirits (man, earth, fire, water)


A Prototype of the Grey Project is afflicted with several odd code & hardware problems is being shipped to a UCAS incineration facility, and an unknown entity wishes to intercept this before it arrives.

The prototype would be held for 3 days before it would be moved by a TitanoShipping Inc Armed Armored Bulk Freight Truck. Then it would be briefly held at a cargo terminal before moved across borders and to the UCAS. From there, a second shipping company would move it to a warehouse where it would be cleared for inspections at a high-hazard storage area before finally moved to the incineration facility, "The Hole".


The Johnson meets with the runners at 6 PM, in the middle of an alleyway between a Bunraku parlor and an abandoned office building. He got bit by a dog before the runners actually arrived, but does not treat this wound. It is very intimidating and Hurricane asks if he is okay, only to receive a mean stare from the somehow simple man. He leads the runners to his office, a crumbled abode and moves back to business.

The runners are informed of the size of the package, the original payment, and its pathway from the aerospace lab to the incineration facility. The runners accept the job after negotiating to 15,000 credit payment, on the condition that they steal 3 additional lockboxes worth of equipment from the truck as well. Hurricane once again points out his wounded leg and gets another mean stare. The players leave the Johnson alone after he pushes them out of his office, the bully.


15,000 Nuyen, 5 Karma

50% off on any programs they may wish to purchase by contacting the Johnson and using his employer's connections. This does not include programs that are above 18(?) Rarity.


Observant: "Rumba"

Runners run. That's what they do. Steal, pillage, take, break, Murder. A tool to be used and then thrown away, that is their nature. I deplore the use of such tools, but sometimes my hand must be forced. The runners I chose operated professionally, cleanly and was promptly given the amount of nuyen for the job, a frankly absurd amount of funds the Johnson had authorized.

Their Technomancer had quickly done a thorough search on the nature of the first part of the chain of movement, TitanoCompanies Truck. They then jacked into the corporate headquarters that would most likely contain both the truck that would move the asset itself to the cargo terminal, as well as the shipping manifests for where the three components would be stored in. The Technomancer was cautious and had repeatedly jumped out of the connection until they had managed to enter into the host itself. The connection of entering the host and accessing the files they needed was fast and of little note. They formatted the Truck that would commit to the moving of assets and prepared three marks on it when it was needed.

Shortly thereafter, they simply waited until the truck was on its route, and turned the trucks primary control off right as it was making a turn, and causing it to crash into a delicate china shop. All but one man was knocked unconscious from the crash, and the signal of the truck was jammed. Hurricane tosses the biofeedback afflicted rigger out of his chair to the ground and causes the back door of the truck to open.

4 Spirits were waiting inside the van, materialized after the truck's signal had failed to report in for 6 seconds. Hurricane promptly acted on feeds, ran over to the back and tried to fight the spirits of man. After a brief firefight and a spurt of mana-induced napalm, all spirits were eliminated by the actions of the team. Hurricane enters the van and promptly rips out the lone surviving truck guard, sits him down on the edge of the van. The guard was evidently cowardly, as he tried to run away. Hurricane promptly broke his spine and sat him in the vehicle. Fischer and Hurricane cooperated and broke the three lockboxes while ignoring the rest, and broke into the box in the center of the freight crate, and took the wing from its box, and went to the Johnsons drop off point by the help of a friendly on-call troll with a dent in his head.

The asset was delivered without any special note, and the data within was completely within expected parameters; approximately 1/56th of the Persona, repeated 8 times in the black box. The Johnson paid them offered the contact for their data-exchange if they wished.

Amur's journal - first entry

It was good to finally stretch my paws. I arrived way too early at the meetup I guess, but it at least gave me the opportunity to check the place out. Mr. Johnson was a bit creepy though, staring at me like that. Could've waved.

Fischer seems like a nice guy, and can't believe I got to team up with The Hurricane! My friends are going to be so jealous of the autograph I got.

Breefing went well I think - the three of us even persuaded the creepy guy to give us more money if we got him a few more boxes. He did warn us not to mess with the stuff though, if we broke anything we wouldn't get paid. And for some reason he didn't want to be healed? I could have fixed his leg in no time. Oh well. Not everyone is so obsessed with cleaning as me. At least the smell of blood covered up his regular-human-stink. Mr. Fischer somehow got us detailed intel on the first transport company, and I was able to ascertain that there were some weak wards on the vehicles, but no mages. Quite a relief.

We managed to stop the car, and when Mr. Hurricane opened the door I could see that his mere presence had made all the security faint, even though I had made Mr. Hurricane invisible so they couldn't see his awesomeness, only feel its presence. Can't blame 'm for fainting all the same.

There were some spirits following the car, which we found out when we opened the backside, but we were able to get rid of them quickly. I probably should have summoned my own spirit, trying to control one of them was harder than I thought.

We entered the vehicle, saw some police almost catching up to the crime scene, but Mr. Fischer was able to take off without them noticing quite easily. Almost threw up some furballs though, cars aren't supposed to drive like that!

We drove to the drop off point, got our stuff out of the van, didn't mess with the rest, and got paid quite handsomely. Now off to get a nice frame for my autograph.