An Auspicious Change

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An Auspicious Change
LocationEverett, Seattle
Result Circle of Bad Luck was created successfully around the 88 triad area, spirits were neutralized so that public would not be alerted, minor vandalism occurred around Everett, and a small arms deal was stopped between the 88s and the Vories and an 88 triad member publicly shamed.
Factions Involved
88s Triad, Vories Octagon Triad, Cobra (Carrier Oriskany), Ashe, and Bumblebee
Commanders and leaders
Eighty-Eights Triad Shen Yu, Octagon Triad
Casualties and losses
None None
There is a Force 7 Spirit that is chilling in an abandoned library in Everett


The 88s and the Yaks have been fighting and the 88s have made several successful hits against them, both through their own efforts as well as through the efforts of shadowrunners that they have hired. The Octagons are happy to see this fighting, but they don't want it to be so one sided. They thought that the 88s needed to be hampered in their efforts, but not in a way that would implicate them. So they hired runners in order to cast a proper geomancy of bad luck.


The Runners were told to meet at 10:32 AM sharp at the Clear Waters Tea House in Tacoma. They were lead inside to a back room where they met a Mr. Wu, who in poor English, asked the runners to cause some destruction in various locations in Everett. They wouldn't be required to do any deadly harm to anyone, but they would be causing destruction in exactly three days time. The Mr. Wu gave them a metalink with 5 locations keyed into it and 5 boxes that they were allowed to look into that they would be given specific instructions regarding the day of the run. The Mr. Wu agreed to give them 12k nuyen if they completed this task. The Runners agreed and set out.


The Runners did not have any great Matrix support so they took to looking into the various locations. They did not seem to be heavily armed locations, nor did they seem to have any serious threats associated with them. The Runners looked into one of the boxes and it was a metal token with the symbol for the 88s Triad on it. They thought that they were making a hit on some Yakuza locations in Everett, but when they asked their contacts it didn't show any connection to the Yakuza at all, but mostly to the 88s Triad. This left them confused and then they asked about Clear Waters Tea House which seemed to have a connection to the Triads, maybe the Octagon, but it could have been any one of them. This left them more confused as they decided to stake out the location the night before the run. At midnight, they get a communication from their Mr. Wu telling them to destroy a car at the first location and take a piece of the destroyed car along with the metal token and hide it somewhere. They do this swiftly with an incendiary round and hid it in a vent on the roof of the mechanic shop. They broke into an cybershop, broke the cameras, and broke up the medical supplies after Cobra choked out a tired paraplegic girl who was working the front desk. When the destroyed the wooden desk, an air spirit manifested in the material plane in the bed area of the shop, which the runners quickly subdued.

The started to wonder what they were doing, and as they started driving around the locations, they noticed that they were making a star around Everett with these locations. The Runners burn some books in an abandoned library in a prepared hole in the ground and an Earth spirit arrives as the party quickly departs. They head to the docks, disrupt a small arms deal between the Vories and the 88s, capturing one of the 88s. They also pour some liquid into the water at the location. They then bring the captured 88 to a warehouse where they embarrass and shame him, posting the information to the Matrix and then light the building on fair, taking the 88 out before they did. As it alights, a Force 9 Fire Spirit manifests and Cobra charges in. Through a mix of supressive fire, Cobra never hitting but attacking, and a large armor penetration from Ashe, they took down this fire spirit. For minimizing the damage and completing their task while raising the minimal amount of suspicion and noise, the Mr. Wu gave them a total of 18K nuyen and sent them on their way.


The 88s were insulted this night, with a deal interrupted and then publicly shamed so they started by investigating into this, but little came back. They did start to notice that things were starting to go wrong around headquarters. Not huge or intentional things, just accidents and bad luck seemed to be happening to everyone. A piece of ware getting stuck, shipments misplaced, food spoiling. They think it could be some magic, but it is something they will need to look into further, but for now their operations are being delayed as problems of various kinds keep occurring around the base.


18000 Nuyen and 6 Karma

Player Characters


Ashe mixed a margarita at her apartment after a job well done. All five stages of the assignment had been completed successfully, with minimal collateral damage. All the spirits that appeared as a byproduct of whatever their employer had hired them to do had been cleaned up, except a docile earth spirit which showed no sign of troubling anyone, and at most one hostile fatality had occurred. Ashe appreciated precision in her work. It was obvious that the purpose of the run had been some kind of ritual, likely on behalf of the Octagons if D.A. Oaks was well informed, but it was a few days later, as the news reported a rash of freak accidents in the part of Everett they had circumnavigated, that Ashe began to gain some appreciation for what had happened. That ritual had been some kind of a curse, affecting half of Everett, no doubt some sort ploy in the ongoing syndicate war. This concerned Ashe little, she didn't care for either side.