Eighty-Eights Triad

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Eighty-Eights Triad
Triad for the Modern Era
TypeOrganized Crime Syndicate
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationSeattle

Faction Information


One of the foremost Triad lodges in the city, the Eighty-Eights have survived despite severing their overseas ties, now linked only with other lodges in North America. This severing of ties has extended to their internal practices as well, and the Eighty-Eights are uncommonly accepting of cyber/bioware and technomancers. While they are not as powerful as the Yellow Lotus and they do not have the connections the Octagon does, the Eighty-Eights continue to compete for territory, serving in many cases as the middleman between the Asian gangs of the Seattle Sprawl.


  • Revenue
  • Influence

Major Locations

  • Seattle


  • Rick Wu (Head)
  • Incense Master Ruibai Dong
  • David Yang, Grass Sandal
  • Ru Xiao, White Paper Fan




Current Status

Health Summary



Catch-225GearElectronics and Software dealer
Crazy Eight8Networking
Ru Xiao4ServiceWhite Paper Fan, Eighty-Eights



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Digging out RootsDejapesA Scattering of Deadly Petals19 September 2082
Into the FlytrapAuroraA Scattering of Deadly Petals24 April 2082
Flowers for JackalsMakiiatoA Scattering of Deadly Petals18 February 2082
The Second Great (Fish) ExtractionAurora2 February 2082
Three Heads are Better Than Onetorq19 August 2081
Taking From TriadsOB28 July 2081
This Harbor is YoursPillare
9 April 2081
A Shadowrun Based on Does the Lion City Still RoarDrBurst28 August 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Into The Night by FirkinDrBurstDance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story7 August 2080
An Auspicious ChangeAdventureMoose1 January 2079
Dark Horsemitsayantan30 December 2078
For Your Eyes OnlymitsayantanAll You Need Is Love
All You Need Is Kill
15 December 2078
All You Need Is KillmitsayantanAll You Need Is Love
For Your Eyes Only
24 November 2078