A Shadowrun Based on Does the Lion City Still Roar

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A Shadowrun Based on Does the Lion City Still Roar
LocationEverett/Puyallup, Seattle
Factions Involved
Eighty-Eights Triad
Bai Hu
Finnigan Family Yellow Lotus Triad
Casualties and losses
None None 2 Yellow Lotus grunts dead, several more injured, Powdered Wind captured


The Eighty-Eight Triads have become engaged in a gang war with the Finnigan Family syndicate after the events of Fleet Week. The Eighty-Eights have decided to enlist help however, and intend to hire a team of Shadowrunners to hit the Finnigans where it would hurt most; their drug production.


The runners all met the Triad Johnson at the Golden Dragon teahouse, owned and operated by the Eighty-Eights, to negotiate terms for the job. Upon arriving, Bai Hu respectfully poured tea for the elderly Johnson as is their custom back home. Tupelo, without meaning to, slightly offended the Johnson when he reflexively checked the drink for any poison or any substances with his chemsniffer ring. This was rapidly smoothed over however, and the job negotiation commenced.

The Johnson initially offered the team 16,000, but the runners were able to exploit the Triad love of numerology to raise that number to 18,888, which was argued to be a much more auspicious figure. The Johnson accepted the counter-offer, and told the runners that he wanted them to sabotage the Finnigan family's Novacoke production.


The team began by performing some legwork via the Matrix. A matrix search revealed that the Finnigan family's businesses had not been especially successful during Fleet Week and in the wake of it. The runners were able to identify the likeliest location for the Finnigans' novacoke production. They arrived at a well-secured warehouse outside of which there were a number of individuals, both Finnigan enforcers and dockworkers, brawling in the streets. The runners carefully assessed the exterior of the facility as they drove by.

Later that night at approximately 10:30 pm they returned. A plan was concocted whereby Tupelo would arrange a distraction out the front of the warehouse, with Bai Hu in tow as security in case things did not work out, while Boombox infiltrated and sabotaged the novacoke. Tupelo took his instrument and began playing an incredible rendition of an old irish song, which lured out a number of Finnigan personnel who wanted to listen to the performance. Meanwhile, Boombox sneaked into the facility and disabled the entrance's maglock and padlock combination, very narrowly managing to avoid setting off the alarm. Once inside he used his chemical expertise to proceed to cut the Finnigans' product with other substances, which would sabotage the reputation of the syndicate with their buyers. Once the job was complete, he exfiltrated without difficulty, replacing the lock on his way out to cover his tracks.

The Triad Johnson was so impressed with the team's quick resolution of the job that he performed a personal favour for them. Bai Hu, who was seeking information on a kidnapped Chinese Technomancer girl named Ying Yue, was given a lead to follow up on; a Yellow Lotus Triad drug dealer named Powdered Wind. Apparently, he would have the name or names of more senior figures in that syndicate who knew more about the girl. Bai Hu proposed immediately following up on the this lead to the rest of his team, and splitting his share of the payment with the others in recompense.

The group then proceeded to Puyallup, seeking Powdered Wind's apartment complex. The location was guarded by a number of Yellow Lotus grunts, but the team were able to dispatch them without any significant difficulty. Powdered Wind was restrained and bundled into the team's van to be taken away and interrogated elsewhere. Before leaving, Bai Hu wrote a message in the blood of the dead Triad grunts on the walls in cantonese to the effect of, 'You reap what you sow'. As they left, a survivng Yellow Lotus grunt cried out angrily that he would find them all, whoever they were, and the Yellow Lotus would have its revenge.

After taking him somewhere deserted, the runners interrogated Powdered Wind. He gave them a further lead which would likely lead to someone who knew more about Ying Yue than he did.


The Eighty-Eight Triads were extremely impressed with the runners, and the Finnigan family's narcotics production was sabotaged without them even knowing. The Yellow Lotus Triads were attacked and suffered several casualties at the hand of the Shadowrunners, and vowed revenge.


18,888 nuyen, 2 Karma, +5 reputation with the Eighty-Eight Triads.