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Street Samurai
A physical adept from Hong Kong, formerly employed by Knight Errant's HKPF.
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.May 4th 2052
Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - C
Resources - D

Character Information


Bai Hu, or White Tiger, is a mixed race gunslinger adept of Western and Chinese descent. His specialties are physical combat and investigation, although he is also capable of serving as a competent driver for jobs in which there is no dedicated Rigger. And his astral perception, while perhaps not quite as keen as a dedicated mage, allows him to see threats and obstacles many a Street Samurai would not.

He has substantial experience and knowledge of law enforcement and organised crime. Unfortunately, he is also currently rather unpopular with each.


Find Jiang Ying Yue, a nine year old Technomancer girl kidnapped by the Yellow Lotus Triads and smuggled overseas to Seattle for purposes unknown.


Michael Yang grew up in the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone to a Chinese mother and British father. At the age of 13, he awakened as a physical adept, and after leaving school he found employment with the Hong Kong Police Force as a Knight Errant security officer, largely for idealistic reasons like protecting his city. Michael bounced between departments for years; as an Awakened officer he was a valuable commodity whom could be of use in a number of separate specialised fields. He served in the FAST (Fast Action, Special Tactics) teams of the Hong Kong's Special Police Units, as well as Criminal Investigation Division as a Detective.

The years took a certain toll on his spirit, and while Michael didn't exactly end up burning himself out, he came somewhere close. A decade or so of violence and corporate psychology had made him somewhat more cynical than the idealist he'd originally been. But just when he was starting lose faith in metahumanity, his final case arrived to restore it. A technomancer girl, 8 years old, had been identified in Aberdeen, and a lucrative offer had been given to her parents for them to surrender custody of the child to a shell corporation doing research on technomancers. When the parents refused, they were killed and the little girl was kidnapped. The Knight Errant investigation, to which Michael Yang had been assigned, was eventually called off after it appeared to lead out of the country.

Something about the innocence of a little girl, the fate of the parents who had tried to protect her, and the callousness with which his superiors branded it a cold case didn't sit well with Michael. He ignored his new orders, did some digging, and found out that the Yellow Triads were responsible for the kidnapping and smuggling, apparently at the behest of some overseas research group. Though they had already been mostly wiped out by a recent turf war with the Red Dragons, it seemed there were a handful of Yellow Lotus operations flying under the radar in Hong Kong. Michael decided to finish the job the Dragons had started, killing as many Yellow Lotus members and destroying as much of their business as he could until he found a lead heading overseas. The shipping container Ying Yue had been smuggled in had been destined for Seattle.

Before he could take any further action, Michael was arrested himself by Knight Errant. Management was furious, threatening to fire and prosecute him if he didn't fall into line. Even an Awakened officer had limits to what the corp would let them get away with. Michael heard them out, acted contrite and said that he'd made a mistake and that it wouldn't happen again. When he was released out of lockup, he promptly went home, gathered his things and booked a flight for Seattle. Shortly after landing however, he discovered that his Corporate Limited SIN had been revoked, making him now SINless.

Needing some form of SIN to get by, as well as information for his investigation, Michael went asking around, eventually running into a former Lone Star officer named Marion now functioning as a fixer for Shadowrunners. An arrangement was made; Michael spent the last of his money hiring Marion to look into things for him. In the meantime, the young adept could earn himself a living by taking jobs that Marion offered to him.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Adept: A physical adept following the Wu Xing tradition. Magical rating of 6; uninitiated.
  • Bilingual: As the child of a Chinese mother and British father, Michael Yang grew up speaking Cantonese and English with equal fluency.
  • Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer): After his first big bust in the HKPF, a warehouse filled with illegal street drugs, Michael met the Dragonslayer. He manifests himself in the image of the Chinese war god Guan Yu, complete with halberd, and often encourages Bai Hu to seek out and destroy criminal groups and corrupt authority figures. He has the personality of a fun-loving older co-worker; he spends almost an equal amount of time encouraging his follower to enjoy himself as he does advocating for him to go out and fight dangerous enemies.


  • Code of Honour (Warrior's Code): Every man & woman needs to draw the line somewhere. Michael does everything in his power to keep innocent people safe, and is loathe to harm unarmed or defenceless targets.
  • Driven: Finding Ying Yue is the reason why Bai Hu moved to Seattle. If faced with a potential lead into the investigation, he is hard-pressed to avoid immediately looking into it.
  • Records On File (Ares): While the SIN that identified Michael Yang as a Knight Errant citizen has been burned and is no longer valid, the biometric records of his history are still stored in Ares megacorporate databases.
  • Vendetta (Yellow Lotus Triads): The Yellow Lotus were behind the kidnapping and smuggling of Ying Yue and the murder of her parents. Bai Hu is determined to make sure they answer for it.

Run History

Run Name (DD-MM-YYYY)

A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's We Will Make You One of Us (24-04-2019).

A Shadowrun Based on Into The Night by Firkin (07-08-2019)

A Shadowrun Based on Does the Lion City Still Roar (28-08-2019)

A Shadowrun Based on Fate of a Coward by Days N Daze - Pt.1 (AAR Needed) (16-12-2019)



  • Marion - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Fixer (Networking)
  • Trigger - Connection 3, Loyalty 1 - Gun Runner (Swag)


Former Knight Errant, HKPF - Former FAST (Fast Action, Special Tactics) Team officer, former Detective Sergeant.

Ex-Firewatch: +1 Reputation.

Eighty-Eight Triads: +3 Reputation.



Yellow Lotus Triads

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Bai Hu: Meaning 'White Tiger' in English, this is one of the Four Symbols that the Chinese Constellations are divided into. It is associated with the western direction and the season of Fall. Tigers are also culturally considered to be the eternal rival of Dragons.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 hit The 'White Tiger of the West', a Taoist symbol from Chinese mythology. It is associated with astrological constellations, the season of Fall, and a fierce enmity with Dragons.
3 hits Emerald City local grid traffic seems to indicate that there is a security specialist by the name of Bai Hu operating in the Seattle area.
4+ hits A vigilante, rival gangster or professional killer in Seattle, linked to the deaths and destruction of several Triad members/properties. A conspicuous lack of forensic evidence in each case.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 hit A brand new Shadowrunner operating out of Seattle.
2 hits An Awakened Shadowrunner and associate of Marion's.
3 hits Adept Shadowrunner of Asian (presumably Chinese) ethnicity. Fixer is Marion.
4+ hits Seattle Shadowrunner. Adept Street Sam and investigator, previously from Hong Kong. Hired through Marion. Connections to Triads.


Michael Yang; (former) Knight Errant Detective Sergeant, KE - Legal SIN

Zhang Wei; Driver for Swift Wing Deliveries, UCAS - R4 Fake SIN. (Fake Adept License; Fake Firearms License; Fake Concealed Carry Permit; Fake Driver's License).

Michael Li; Independent private Security contractor, UCAS - R6 Fake SIN. (Fake Adept License; Fake Firearms License; Fake Concealed Carry Permit; Fake Driver's License).


Black hair, brown eyes, non-descript features. Bai Hu's Qi Foci are tattooed on his body in the shape of Taoist imagery and Chinese written characters, although they are usually covered up underneath his clothes and therefore invisible to anyone not using Astral Perception. Any Awakened character who does use Astral Perception would see the below image.

  • Astral Perception focus: A black turtle, entwined with a snake. Located on his lower back.


Bai Hu generally wears jeans and a shirt, over which is his black armoured jacket.

Matrix Persona

Han-dynasty soldier in gleaming blue-black armour.

Media Mentions

While not mentioned by name, handheld commlink footage obtained in Everett during Fleet Week of 2080, and later uploaded to various social media platforms, shows Bai Hu (or someone closely resembling him) engaging in a brawl with several drunken sailors and a female native american elf out on the sidewalk of a busy street at night. The gathered crowd watching and filming the spectacle refer to him as 'the ninja' several times, cheering his efforts.

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